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Cock Tease taken at party

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My wife and I had been married 4 years when the following incident happened. We have been married for 30 plus years now. At the time Sue was a lovely sexy woman, a lovely wife and a mother of one c***d. She was 5 ft 7 inches tall, roughly 130-140 lbs, 36C breasts and a redhead. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.
I was attending a technical school and getting ready to graduate. A fellow student, Tom, was having a party at his apartment. Tom shared the two bedroom apartment with his girl friend (at the time, they later got married) Anne. So the party was a mix of Tom and Anne’s friends. My wife Sue and I knew less than half the people at the party.
The party was a mix of several married couples, several unmarried couples (such as Tom and Anne), single men and women. My wife loves to party and tease guys while she does it, thinking it is harmless because at the end of the night she will be going home to me. I have told her many times that she is a cock tease and one day she will have to pay the piper. She also does it to turn me on since we have fantasized about her getting conquered by another man or to have a sexual encounter with another woman.
As the party eased thru the night several groups of people were congregating in different parts of the apartment. Anne and a group of her friends were in her bedroom having a somewhat private party, non-sexual but with recreational d**gs/liquor, another group in the living room playing party games and a group in the kitchen. I was in the kitchen with a clear view of the living room talking with several guys that I did not know. I think they were Tom and/or Anne’s friends. All were single so you can imagine the conversation: sports, drinking, women and sex. Sue was in the living room playing the party drinking game “quarters”. Quarters is where you try to bounce a quarter into a glass of beer/liquor. If you miss you have to drink, if you make it you get to choose who drinks. Most of the people at the party were 20-30 yrs old with an older gentleman who was controlling the “quarters” game who looked to be 40 or so.
Everyone who was invited to the party was asked to bring a bottle of liquor, some beer or contribute a donation of $20. Apparently some of the people invited took it upon themselves to invite others but forgot to explain the party request. Which led to more people than liquor for the party to last thru the night.
Sue was only one of two women in the “quarters” game. She was good at bouncing the quarter into the glass but so were some of the guys. The other gal was d***k relatively quickly. I was in and out of the conversation in the kitchen but the gist was the guys were trying to figure out how to get into the d***k gals pants. When my wife was the only female in the game the other guys ganged up on her trying to get her d***k as well. They had a rule in the game where a person could not be made to drink to drinks in a row, this way no one should get d***k too soon. One of the kitchen conversations included one guy telling another that he would love to fuck the redhead. I looked around and didn’t recall seeing a redhead at the party other than my wife.Amateur Video of College Sluts on Spring Brea The conversation got pretty graphic sexually. They did not know that the redhead was my wife. Bob told Don how he would love to have that cock tease redhead dancing on the end of his cock, he would teach her a lesson. He told us everything he would be doing if given a chance ending with fucking her in her virgin ass then leaving her with his cum dripping out of every hole for anyone to see.
My wife does fine drinking alcohol as long as she does not mix her drinks. Whatever she starts drinking she has to stick to for the night otherwise it gets to be a mess. As the quarters gam progressed Sue was starting to get a little d***k. When my wife starts getting d***k she is quite flirtateous and gets horny. Around midnight the party had run out of beer and needed someone to make a beer run. About the same time Sue had lost or was made to drink twice in a row. I was trying to convince her that had enough to drink and it was about time for us to go anyway. Also, she started saying things like, “Honey, if you want to be the father of our next Asian you better get in this game”, and telling the guys in the game that she gets real horny when she drinks.
Tom asked Bob and Don to make a beer run. Don said OK but Bob hesitated saying he was getting ready to go himself. So Tom asked me to go with Don. Don was driving and I figured we would drive to the store that was 2 blocks away. When Don drove past the store I asked why and he said that there was a liquor store where he got a discount a couple blocks away. When we finally got back to the apartment was almost an hour later. I immediately started looking for my wife and saw her no where. The older gentleman in the drinking game said she needed to clear her head and went to the bathroom. There were two, one for each bedroom with the master bathroom off Tom’s bedroom.
I went to Anne’s bathroom looking for Sue and she wasn’t there. The other gal in the game had passed out on Anne’s bed. When I looked into Anne’s bedroom the gal was naked on the bed with two women having a good time sucking on her breasts and licking her pussy. Apparently the gal had come to enough that Anne was over her mouth with the gal giving her pussy a good licking too.
I went to Tom’s bathroom looking for my wife and it was locked. So I went to the bedroom door and it was locked too. Housewife by Day Whore by Night I tried the bathroom door again and someone unlocked it as I tried the handle. There was one guy in the bathroom but he wasn’t using the facilities, he was looking thru a small opening to the bedroom door from the bathroom. I turned the light on and he quickly swithced it off but not before seeing who I was. He apologized, made some comment under his breath that he thought I was Don and quickly left the bathroom. I was curious as to why he would be looking into the bedroom. WoodmanCasting X – Chelsey Lanette ThenI started to hear voices coming from the bedroom. I thought I recognized one voice, Sue. The apartment was on the ground floor and had a patio with some light coming thru the patio door blinds. I was getting ready to open the bathroom door to the bedroom when I heard my wife say “I can’t I am married”.
My mind starts racing. She can’t do what because she is married. So I peeked thru the door opening that the guy I surprised in the bathroom was looking thru.
In the faint light I can see my wife and Bob standing close to one another next to the bed. Bob is kissing Sue, giving her his tongue and she is not putting up much of a fight. When Bob breaks the kiss Sue is panting like a bitch in heat. Sue had wore a summer dress to the party. I did not see the undergarments she chose to wear. The dress buttoned up the front. While Bob was kissing Sue he was unbuttoning the dress. Bob started kissing Sue’s neck and caressing her back and bottom. Sue kept pleading that she shouldn’t be doing this because she was married saying, “Please don’t. Stop, I am married”. Bob stopped kissing and caressing Sue. He reached for the front of the dress, opened it and pushed it off her shoulders. Sue acted surprised when she asked Bob what was he doing. Sue standing there in lacy black bra and panties. This was the outfit she wore whenever she wanted sex, it never failed to arouse me. Standing in the faint light of a strange bedroom with a strange man she looked sexy beyond words.
Bob stepped forward pressing his body against Sue, kissing her neck and the tops of her breasts as he caressed her ass covered by the black lacy panties. He kissed and licked up her breasts and neck until he pressed his lips to hers again. Once again she did not put up much of an argument. I was beginning to wonder if Sue thought she was in control of the situation and would leave another man frustrated with a hard cock. Amateur As Bob kissed Sue he was fondling her breasts thru the bra, reaching in the top to pinch her hard erect nipples. He pulled away from the kiss and Sue leaned forward as if searching for his mouth his touch.
I think Bob knew he had her but wanted to really set the hook and land this redhead cock tease. Housewife by Day Whore by Night Bob said. “You are right. You are married. This is wrong. We better stop.” Sue stepped forward and pressed her lips to Bob’s whimpering, “A little kissing harms no one.” I sensed Bob was smiling. Little did he realize that Sue was a masterful cock tease. After kissing and tonguing Bob for several passionate minutes Sue stepped back to put a stop to the situation. Sue had met her match in Bob though. While they were kissing Bob had unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor at her feet. Her breasts fully exposed nipples hard and erect. Bob started pulling, rolling and twisting Sue’s nipples which seem to have a direct line to her pussy. Her pussy juice runs like an open tap when her nipples are aroused and touched. I could hear little moans and whimpers coming from Sue’s lips. She started begging Bob to let her go again saying, “Please don’t. Stop, I am married”. Instead he crushed his lips to hers while he kept the pressure up on her breasts and nipples. While his mouth and left hand were kissing and sucking on her breasts, his right hand worked its way into her panties spreading her wetness over her pussy lips. As he did more moans and whimpers escaped Sue’s mouth. The begging and pleading with Bob, “Please don’t. Stop, I am married” became more a cry for help. I felt sorry for my wife and was getting ready to stop the whole thing until…
Bob was massaging her clit and Sue responded by humping her pussy on his fingers. Bob started to withdraw his hand from rubbing her pussy but Sue grabbed his wrist looking into his eyes begging him to continue. Bob said he had a better idea, told Sue to remove her panties and lay back on the bed so he could lick her pussy. Sue loves getting her pussy licked almost as much as she loves getting fucked. Sue slid her panties down her legs to pool at her feet before stepping out of them. Bob kept fingering her pussy to keep the fires stoked finally thrusting two fingers into her pussy then withdrawing them to show her how wet they were covered in her juice. Sucking her juice off his fingers made her lay back on the bed and spread her legs. Bob moved forward licking up her legs to her inner thighs, licking around her pussy mound being careful not to touch her pussy lips. Sue was begging and pleading with Bob to PLEASE PLEASE lick her pussy as he promised. She spread her legs wider to give him better access. Slowly Bob flicked his tongue across her pussy lips making Sue jerk. As he slowly parted her lips with his tongue he reached up to continue playing with her nipples. Sue placed her hands over Bob’s hands on her breasts. Bob licked Sue’s pussy from bottom to top pressing his tongue more Teens against her clit causing Sue to jerk even more. Sue was well on her way to an explosive orgasm.
Knowing her like I did I knew she was probably figuring that getting her pussy licked was still a victory if she could walk out of there leaving Bob with a stiff cock. Bob must have been thinking along the same lines because as her body started to shake he stopped eating Sue’s pussy and stood up. Sue asked him what was he doing? While kneeling at her pussy Bob had undone his pants and let them drop to the floor exposing his hard cock. Sue had a look of shock on her face. Bob was turned slightly away from my view so I could not see what Bob had exposed to her. Pulling her by her legs Bob slowly pulled Sue off the bed until her feet hit the floor. Standing her up Bob kissed her hard on the mouth. Sue does not like the taste of her own pussy but she grabbed Bob’s face sucking and devouring his tongue as if she could not get enough. Then putting pressure on her shoulders Anal her to the floor on her knees in front of him. Bob had turned slightly to give what he thought was a better view to his friends in the bathroom but instead it was me. I must have had a look similar to Sue’s as I looked upon Bob’s monster cock. Bob’s cock was at least 10 inches long and thick as a coke can topped by a big menacing cock head. You could see the veins running the length of his monster cock.
Sue looked at the cock before her with awe. She kept looking from the cock up to Bob’s eyes. Her eyes questioning what to do, what was he wanting her to do with all that cock meat. Bob grabbed a handful of hair and brought Sue’s mouth to his cock. Pressing his cock head against her lips, waiting for her to open them. When Sue opened her mouth to say something Bob Blonde his cock into her mouth. Bob moved her mouth back and forth over his cock, telling Sue what to do. Realizing she was not going to get out of this without blowing Bob she started getting more enthusiastic in her sucking. She started jacking Bob’s monster cock with both hands as she mouthed the cock head. Sue enjoyed sucking my cock but would never complete the task. She always would stop before I could cum in her mouth. She even hated the taste of the pre-cum, sometimes refusing to blow me if I was leaking any pre-cum. Bob let her play her game because he had other plans for his cum load. Still grasping a handful of her hair Bob pulled Sue’s mouth off his monster cock. Leaving Sue gasping for breath her eyes again pleading with Bob.
The bed consisted of a box spring and the mattress on the floor. This provided the perfect height to fuck Sue doggy style. Bob turned Sue on her knees towards the bed. Sue looked at him questioning what he planned to do. Bob dropped to his knees behind Sue, rubbing his cock and enormous cock head through her pussy lips. Teasing her mercilessly, he would pull back and let her move her pussy around searching for that monster cocks touch. All the time Sue would remind Bob that she was married pleading with him over and over “Please don’t. Stop, I am married”. Bob finally had teased her enough and shoved his big fat cock head into Sue’s pussy. Sue kept muttering”Oh my gawd” again and again. Bob told her he couldn’t resist sticking his cock into her tight pussy. The front of Sue’s legs were pressed against the bed so she had no where to run and Bob could do whatever he wanted at this point. Bob slowly started pushing his thick cock into her tight clenching pussy. Feeding it a few inches at a time. Sue was pleading with Bob to stop, reminding him she was married. Bob kept pushing a little more of that long thick cock into her pussy until he had stuffed a little more than half of it into her pussy. Letting it sit for a few minutes and after listening to Sue whimpering “PLEASE DON’T, Stop! I am married” Bob started to slowly withdraw his monster cock from Sue’s tight super wet pussy until just the head remained at the entrance. Time seemed to stand still but it was only a minute or two that Sue dropped her head between her arms resting on the bed, started whimpering “PLEASE DON”T STOP! PLEASE FUCK ME!” as she slowly started sliding her soaked pussy onto Bob’s cock.
Grinning Bob waited until she had the six inches or so he was feeding Sue before. When she got to that point Sue started sliding forward again. As she slowly slid her pussy on and off the monster cock building to an earth shattering orgasm, Bob asked her if she wanted ALL of his cock. Sue whimpered “YES”. Bob grabbed hold of her hips and slammed the last few inches into her cunt. Sue’s head jerked back with her mouth open but nothing coming out. Bob started to vigorously fuck Sue’s cunt slamming the full length of his monster cock into her cunt and pulling back out to the extremely large menacing cock head. Bob asked her, “How does that married cock teasing cunt feel with my big cock fucking it?”. Sue resigned to her fate replied, “Shut up and keep fucking me. Just don’t cum in me. I don’t want to risk getting pregnant with your bastard Milf .” Bob started fucking her harder until she started whimpering, ” Oh Gawd! Please don’t stop! I am almost there, I am getting ready to cum.” Bob repied, “So am I, should I pull out now?” Sue looked back over her shoulder, biting her lip torn between wanting to cum and not wanting Bob to cum in her. She hung her head saying, “Just fuck me!”
Bob smiled triuphantly as he again plowed the conquered cock teases cunt with the full length of his monster cock. Half-dozen full strokes and Bob was bellowing, “I am cumming, I am cumming, take my bastard Masturbation cum slut! The blast of his cum set Sue off too. “Gawd, I am cummmiiinnnggg. I’m ccccuuuummmiiiinnnngggg, Gawd it feels so good!” I could tell by the clenching of Bob’s ass that he was dumping load after load into Sue’s pussy. After their orgasms subsided a little Bob pulled his big cock from Sue’s pussy soaked with their combined juices. Bob climbed onto the bed next to Sue, sucking on her breasts and then giving her a very passionate kiss. The he moved his big cum soaked cock to her lips, wiping it across her lips until she opened her mouth, sliding it in telling her to lick it clean. After Sue had sucked and licked his cock clean of their juices he pulled it from her mouth saying, ” I had better stop now before I have to fuck that married sloopy cunt again.” Bob then got up, got dressed leaving the bedroom door open as he left with Sue laying on the bed with her pussy leaking their love juices dripping onto the bed.
I entered the bedroom and shut the door before anyone that was left at the party walked in to see Sue laying there. I walked to the bed and started rubbing Sue’s legs. As if by sexual instinct she started rising to her knees expecting Bob to shove his cock back into her pussy. Taking advantage of the situation, I shoved several fingers into her messy cunt and then moved them to her mouth telling her to lick it clean. Sue didn’t hesitate, we repeated this several times until she finally looked up and seeing it was me she started sobbing. I just leaned over and whispered into her ear, “I told you your cock teasing ways were going to catch up to you one day, today you paid the piper.” I then helped her from the bed and helped her get dressed.
Most of the partiers had left. Tom was passed out on the living room couch. The old guy was sitting in a recliner sipping a beer. He raised it, giving a knowing nod as if he knew what had happened in the bedroom. Sue had left her purse in Anne’s room, so we went to get it. Anne was eating out the pussy from the Big Tits gal and by the sounds of it doing a very good job. I whispered to Sue, maybe she will do you next but you might have to reciprocate. She gave me a look of disgust saying, “You are a pig! Take me home, I feel sick.”
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it up. The tall

When i was 17 i was on holiday in bali, indonesia. i’d only had sex once prior, with a genetic girl, and i barely managed to get hard and wasn’t able to cum so i knew pussy wasn’t for me.
i had been clubbing several times on this trip to bali and had been hassled by numerous prostitutes while out but wasn’t interested, except for one night whilst walking back to my hotel on a quiet street in legian, a deep but seductive voice called out “hello” to me from the shadows of a run down apartment block, emerging from the dark stood a sexual creature of my wildest wet dreams. She had on tall stilettos with somewhat large feet with perfectly manicured and painted toe nails, long slim legs with toned calf and thigh muscles, a short and tight mini dress (tight and short enough to see a sufficient bulge), there was not an ounce of fat on her, but she was rather thick through the waist and torso, shoulders perhaps just as broad or slightly broader than my own, flawless smooth skin, i noticed the adams apple, a pretty face with plenty of makeup however a slightly masculine jaw and fore head. She was about 6’2-6’3 in heels, a few inches taller than me. No breasts i should mention, this amazing human being was a gorgeous cross dresser, no hormones, surgery, nothing. (like most ladyboys in indonesia)
She looked about 25
“do you want to come back to my place?” her husky but sensual voice asked me. i was in a trance, i don’t think i even said anything. i turned around and power walked to my hotel as fast as i could.

When i got to the lobby, i sat down for a couple of minutes, nervously thinking if i should go back or not, i was a quivering mess, was i really considering this?
i was only 17 remember.

i got up and went back down the street, found the apartment block, and walked into the shadows. There she was, about to get on her scooter and call it a night. My fumbling nervousness got the better of me and i walked right up and kissed her. She politely but firmly pushed me back and asked the same question again, “do you want to come back to my place?”
“yes!” i replied
“how much money have you got” she asked nicely with her hand rubbing my semi hard penis through my shorts,
“250,000″ (indonesian rupiah, about $25-$30) my hand now touching her rock hard penis through her dress and panties,
“thats enough, do you know what i am?” she said with a warm smile. Well Duh
“your a ladyboy ” i said in a very shaky voice.
She just laughed, “Get on, my name is Lucy”
I got on the back of her scooter and we rode about 500m up the street and down a skinny drive way and parked the scooter out the front of a small ground level apartment, it was nicer than i expected, there were a lot of plants growing a round and it felt like we were at a 2-3 star hotel.
As we got off to go inside another scooter pulled in and off hopped another ladyboy, this one was very tall, about 6’3 with just flats on, black skinny jeans and a small white crop top. She was extremely skinny, had long hair in a ponytail, once again beautiful skin, slight muscles, adams apple and a very pretty face, although had bad teeth and braces, still very sexy, she looked about 22.
The tall ladyboy and Lucy started speaking indonesian to each other, they said a few things then the tall one looked me up and down and laughed at me, Lucy also laughed. I was confused and slightly scared.
Lucy opened the door and pulled me inside, it was a basic but clean room, there was a TV and computer in one corner, a large chest of drawers overflowing with sexy clothes, a bathroom attached and a small double bed with no pillows or sheets or blankets.
Sitting on the bed with her back against the wall was another ladyboy, this one only looked about my age and was completely naked. She had a totally smooth but otherwise masculine body, a pretty face although messy make-up, and short hair that was styled to be as feminine as possible. She had a small cock, only about 5 inches and was pretty hard too.

I was shocked, the tall one had also followed us inside and was stripping.
“i can’t afford all three, i only have the money i gave you” i told Lucy in a panic, they all laughed and said a few things in indonesian.
Lucy put a finger to my lips and gestured me to shhh, “relax” she told me, “get in the shower”
I was evidently scared and went to leave back out the door but Lucy and the tall one grabbed me (the tall one now only wearing a thong and revealing a truly massive bulge, whoever says asians have small cocks haven’t been to indonesia before, lol)
“GET IN THE SHOWER” Lucy said in an aggressive demeanour,
all three now pulled off my t shirt and ripped off my shorts and pushed me towards thebangla girls bathroom.
They continued to speak to each other in indonesian and laughed at me. I got in the shower and turned it on, i figured i may as well do this, I’ve paid for it and they don’t seem to mind that I’m getting three for the price of one, although I’m not sure if i can get hard for three, I’d honestly struggle with the nerves to stay hard for one.
I spent a couple minutes in the shower and thoroughly washed my peepee and was about to get out when Lucy came to join me, she was naked, a truly gorgeous body, the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, her cock was stiff and about 7 inches, reasonably thick too.
She put her arms around me and kissed me passionately and deeply, our cocks came together and mine instantly stiffened, our hands started to explore each others bodies wildly, wow, i could fall in love with this magnificent asian femboy.
She pulled away and reached for a bottle of shower gel, put a generous amount onto her hands and scrubbed it all over my body, my legs, arms, underarms, torso, my dick and balls, then put my cock in her mouth for a good few seconds and worked some magic with her tongue, she then turned me around and scrubbed around my asshole, she massaged my hole very nicely and i couldn’t help moaning with pleasure,
“oh you like that sexy boy?”
“yes” i said in between gasps.
She then grabbed the shower head off the holder and washed the soap off me, then she used the shower head on her own butthole before turning around and putting my face towards it. Needless to say i buried my face in that perfect balinese asshole with outstretched tongue, my instincts took over and i wanted to taste what she’d had for breakfast, she moaned and groaned and said a few words in indonesian that i couldn’t understand, except for “bagus” (which means good), as she poked her ass into my face and spread her cheeks with her hand. She then grabbed me by the hair and pulled me away while she turned around and stuck her beautiful asian penis into my mouth, my first time tasting cock and i can not describe how much i love that taste (I’m sure you know what i mean), i sucked and licked away like a true penis junkie who’d been deprived of my d**g of choice for too long, before she pulled me to my feet and kissed me again.
“i like you” she said, smiling at me.
i smiled back.
“i need you to do me a favour, ok my sexy young boy?”
“yes” i replied. She turned me around and bent me over slightly, i was anxious as to what was going to happen next but figured that this could be a truly incredible experience if i let my submissive nature take over and just go with it.
“Relax baby” She said in that incredibly sexy but husky voice of hers, as i heard her unscrewing the shower head.
“Open your ass” I did as i was told, with my head resting against the tiled wall of the shower i used both my hands and spread my ass cheeks as wide as i could. At this point i knew what she was going to do. Sure enough i felt the flexi pipe of the shower head go about an inch up my ass as my bowels filled with warm water.
“good boy” said the lovely Lucy, she then took it out and got me to sit on the toilet and i let it all come out, she then pulled me up and we repeated the enema a couple of times before she gave me a towel. We dried off amongst touching each other and kissing and she smiled at me some more, I’m sure she could have enticed me to do anything with that smile of hers.

She then took me by the hand and took me out to the bedroom again, were the tall ladyboy was sitting at the computer wearing only her black thong and the younger short haired one was sitting on the bed still as if she were waiting for me, her cock in hand Lucy pushed me towards it and once again i was sucking cock, only this time a smaller one although just as delicious, i then felt Lucys tongue start probing my asshole furiously, licking it up and down while her hands fondled my genitals, this was shaping up better than i could have imagined, we continued like this for a few minutes before i felt two more warm hands caressing my back and shoulders, i took a break from the younger ones small cock to look up and see the tall ladyboys nine inch, thick, hard and dripping cock right in my face, she sat on the bed next to the young one and pulled me by my hair onto, this penis was truly majestic, i was losing my mind, it was so good i had to stick my tongue as deep as i could into her peehole just to taste that beautiful sweet nectar, and then slam my head down on it in order to get it as far as i could into my throat, i then felt a cool, wet, big drop of lube fall right onto my virgin asshole, and Lucys finger slide right in, along with the younger ones finger, they were both fingering my ass at the same time, i was moaning as much as i could with an enormous dick in my mouth, as they spanked and grabbed my ass, one of them put a very lubed up hand onto my cock and balls and started to massage them carefully but firmly, my ass started to relax more and more and by now the both of them had two fingers each up my bum, i then felt a hand drag across my back, the sharp nails scratched me and i shuddered uncontrollably for just a few seconds and thought i was about to cum. The hand on my genitals then stopped and slapped my balls hard.
“MMMPPHH” i groaned, muffled by the cock in my mouth.
“BAD BOY” i heard one of the girls say.
“You a naughty boy!”
“You like cock? You like getting fucked in your ass?”
i nodded as best as i could with my head impaled on the tall ones tremendous meat.
Lucy then pulled me up off the cock and put her arms around me, smiled at me again, and asked very calmly and nicely sxsporn,
“do you want us to fuck you now?”
There is no way i could resist.
“Yes please Lucy, i want you all to fuck me so hard, please”
They all laughed at me again.
“oh, i don’t think we have condom” i heard the short haired young one say, after looking in the bathroom.
Lucy looked at me with that beautiful smile again.
“You want us to fuck you without condom?”
i knew it wasn’t wise, to have three transvestite prostitutes fuck me up my ass in a third world country with no condoms, but i could not say no, even if i had said no, i’d like to think they would have convinced me or held me down and fucked me anyway.
“yes, fuck me without a condom” i replied eagerly. “and cum inside me” well that slipped out.
They laughed at me again, and the tall one slapped me across the face.
“you a naughty boy” they cooed, “very dirty boy”
Lucy kissed me deeply again before pushing me back onto the tall ones

cummed in her

This story is about how I seduced a 39 year old married milf off a dating website. This is a genuine story and I will be recording and taking pictures the next time we meet up. This happened last year so I was 23 and she was 39. I had a girlfriend and the time but I wanted Kate’s pussy too bad to miss out. Kate is 39 , married and has 4 k**s, she lives relatively local to me so it was quite easy to meet up.

We got talking over a course of a few weeks , exchanged numbers and started to flirt more and more each day, then one night I thought I’d try my luck and asked for a sexy pic, she was a little hesitant at first but she soon sent me a picture of her amazing breats, they were so perfectly shaped and natural. I returned the favour and sent in some less raunchy pictures whilst she was sending me various pictures of her boobs, she started to talk dirty to me and I started wanking off.

I got the picture of her boobs up on my phone and wanked off to the sight of them, I told her what I was doing , she was shocked but wanted to see, I took a picture of my throbbing cock with a little pre cum on top and she was shocked again with the size of it , fake taxi creampie porn tube her first comment was “well your hung aren’t you” I teased her more and sent her a video of me playing with my cock till I cummed and shouted her name . Kate love the thought of me wanking over her and started to finger her wet pussy.

Over the next few days I started to press for a meeting, after a few nights of pictures and videos kate agreed to meet me, she had to go out shopping and said she would meet me then so no one could think anything was going off. She told her husband that she had to go to the shops. He wanted to go with her but she insisted he stayed with the k**s.

She text me to come meet me at the location we chose. Fake Taxi – Kristine I dropped a Viagra an hour before meeting her as I wanted to fuck her hard. She was parked in the corner of the car park in her little blue car, I met her in the van so we could fuck in the back. She got out her car and was wearing leggings , a white shirt and jacket. The shirt was undone and could see her massive breasts through the opening of her jacket. We greeted each other and then I said let’s get in the back of the van, she was a little nervous asking what she was doing here and why is she cheating on her husband, I just laughed and sunk my tongue deep into her mouth.

She kissed back furiously, my cock got instantly hard, i pulled away and she said “that was a good ice breaker” fake taxi free porn I laughed again and started kissing her neck and her lips, I removed the jacket and cupped her massive tits as I kisses her, they felt amazing, so big but yet so perfect shaped. I finders her tits till each nipple was standing to a point and the slivered my hand into her leggings, I placed my hand on top of her clit which was wet through , like she had already cummed in her pants, I pulled the laced material to one side, played with her pussy lips and then eased my fake taxi – franki fingers into her.

She gasped as my fingers sunk into her dripping pussy, she kept on gasping and arching her back at each moan, I wanted her to suck me off so I told her to kneel down , I dropped my trousers and my cock flopped out, she played with it for a few seconds and then I grabbed her head and sunk it into her throat. She suck me off for a few minutes and then I told her to turn around.

She was bent over in the van , her pussy was oozing cum, fake taxi sex tube I drover me fingers into her hard and fast, wet my cock with her juices and then rammed it in her pussy , she was surprisingly quite tight after having 4 k**s, I fucked her hard and deep for as long as I could hold my cum In for , she orgasmed twice in the same position, I was ready to explode so I pulled my cock out turned her round and shot it all over her huge tits.

I wiped her down, we had a chat and she went on her way, luckily she bought some clean pants and put them on, fake taxi creampie the filthy bitch left me her pants as a momento, I of course gave them a good sniff.

Video and pics will come as soon as I meet her again

without cumming, so

The next day I spent thinking about Angie and the great sex we had the night before. Every time I saw her throughout the day I remembered the touch of her soft skin as I had caressed her legs, thighs and well-proportioned rear end. I pictured her beautiful 36″ breasts melting in my mouth when I sucked on her nipples, making them hard. I must have relived the moment a hundred times when Angie sucked every ounce of cream out of me. What an incredible night we had.

We were both looking forward to this evening for another session of sexual play to satisfy our appetites all over again. Anal with Nicole Wonder It seemed like the day would never end and every time Angie and I made eye contact while we worked, we knew what the other was thinking. Unfortunately, Angie finished work an hour before me, which only made my anticipation that much more unbearable. But, I managed to struggle through the last hour with the constant thought of what tonight’s lovemaking would bring.

After work I couldn’t wait to get to Angie’s apartment. I knocked on the door and when it opened, there she was standing in her half-opened robe that was just d****d over her shoulders. I could see underneath that she only had on a skimpy pair of lacey panties. Obviously, she was anxious to get right at it too. She certainly was one hot looking young lady with an incredible sexual appetite. We went to her bedroom where I undressed in a hurry while Angie laid on the bed watching me while slipping off her tiny panties down those gorgeous slender legs. Angie stroked her fingers up the inside of her thighs spreading her legs wide for me to see her juicy pussy.

“I’ve been horny all day thinking about you.” she said, stroking her fingers across her cunt lips. Nicole Aniston Romance “I need your cock inside me.”

” Don’t worry ” I said. “You’ll get my cock.” ” But, right now I have something else in mind.”

With that I crawled onto the bed between her legs to get a taste of her lucious body. She was already wet and dripping. I didn’t want to make her orgasm too quickly, so I gently used my tongue to play with her clit for awhile. She was completely relaxed and enjoying the tongue bath I was giving her. I worked my way from her lovespot across her inner thighs and back, leaving no spot untouched. Spreading her cunt lips open with my fingers, I sunk my tongue inside her delicious pussy. I shoved my tongue in and out of her spread open hole, sucking out as much of Angie’s love nectar as I could. As I lapped up her juices and tongued her hot spot she gently placed her hands on my head to guide my licking up and down her hot slit.

“Get on your knees so I can do you from behind.” I commanded.

She obeyed without question. With her head in the pillow and her ass in the air I began tonguing her cunt again. Candence Lux wiggle This time I worked a little harder. I kept sticking my tongue in and out of her fuckhole. Angie was really starting to squirm from the tongue fucking I was giving her. Slowly I started licking my way up her ass. When I reached her asshole Angie went wild. I kept flicking my tongue across her puckered little asshole with a fluttering movement. Every so often I would slip my tongue down to her dripping cunt and lick up through her ass crack and over her asshole, driving her absolutely crazy.

Since she was enjoying this so much, I wanted to see how much she could take without cumming, so I spread her ass and buried my face between her cheeks with my mouth and tongue licking and sucking on her puckered little anal hole. Angie was squirming out of control, which made it a bit difficult to maintain my attack on her asshole. I grabbed her by the hips to keep her steady and f***ed her rear end back to my mouth. Now I could maintain my licking and sucking on her incredibly beautiful butt. I put the tip of my tongue right on the center of her tight little hole and pulled back on her hips trying to f***e my tongue inside. For the next few minutes I continued reaming out her asshole with my tongue while Angie continually moaned and cried out with a deep lust.

“Oh Fuck,” “Fuck, that feels so good.” ” Don’t stop!”

“Please, don’t stop.” Colette fucked in her ass ” Fuck my asshole with your tongue.”

“Oh! Baby.” “It feels so good on my asshole.” “Don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping my anal probing. I gave her one more long lick up her ass, then started probing her bottom hole with my finger. I gently played with the tight puckered opening of her asshole. I slipped my finger down into her pussy, then smeared the cunt juices up her crack lubricating her asshole. Slowly I started wiggling my finger in. She was so relaxed my finger slid in easily. The inside of her ass was red hot with the built up passion she contained. With my finger all the way in, I twisted and wiggled it inside her hot shit hole. Angie let out a sigh and I knew she liked the sensation of having her anal hole penetrated and probed. I tried forcing a second finger up her ass and it slid in easier than I expected. Angie was going nuts with pleasure as I worked two fingers in and out of her rectum. I was amazed how easily my fingers were able to probe her ass. She was really getting into the anal fingering. I think I could have inserted a third finger, but then in a voice that was almost like begging, she pleaded,

“Fuck me in the ass, baby.” ” I want your cock in my asshole.”

“Shove that big, hard cock all the way up my ass.”

I was only too happy to oblige, but almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Angie,Hot lesbian MILF’s eating pussy the quiet innocent little girl I worked with, was a sex starved female with an incredible desire to do or try anything. Satisfying her lust could take forever and I was going to enjoy every second of it.

I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her puckered hole and pushed. The head of my cock disappeared into her virgin asshole and I could feel her sphincter tighten around me. I waited for a moment to let Angie get used to the bigger entry into her butt hole. When she started to relax, I slowly pushed my cock inch by inch into her ass. To help hurry the process, Angie started pushing her ass back forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. In less than a minute I had my entire cock inside her backdoor. Kayden Kross Jacks POV 18 I slowly worked back and forth through her tight anal ring as it hugged my rock hard prick. With each in and out stroke I could feel Angie relaxing her ass as she began to enjoy the anal fucking.

“Fuck my ass harder,” she ordered. “Fuck me up my ass.”

I picked up the pace and started pumping her butt. Faster and faster I drove my cock in and out of her rear end. Angie was in a frenzy of pleasure, totally consumed by the ass fucking she was getting. I withdrew my cock almost out and then slammed it back up her hole. Over and over I buttfucked Angie’s tight anal opening. For a moment, I slowed down to pull out all the way. Her asshole was gaping wide open staring at me as if begging to be filled again. I plowed back in as far as I could, my balls slapping against her ass cheeks. Again and again I pulled out and drilled it back into her ass to the hilt.

“Cum in me, Cum in me,” Angie screamed. Nikki Benz and Mick Blue ” Fill my asshole with your hot sperm.” ” I want to feel your hot cock fill my ass.”

Angie’s hot, slut-like orders was more than I could stand. I knew she must be on the verge of an orgasm herself and I was ready to explode. I plunged deep into her asshole again, setting off her orgasm. As Angie came, her asshole tightened, gripping my cock like a vise as wads of my cum emptied into her bottom.

Angie cried out almost in a whimper as her orgasm took control

“I can feel your hot cum.” Two Chicks Same Time Phoenix Marie “Fuck me, Fuck me,

Fuck my asshole.” ” Fill my ass with your hot cum.”

My cock continued filling her rectum with my hot jism, her sphincter still tight around my cock milking every drop of cum from me. When the last drop of spunk emptied into her ass I pulled out to let Angie relax, since she had been on her knees for quite some time now. As Angie leaned back to straighten up, I could see my white sticky cum oozing out of her asshole onto the bed. She reached around to touch her puckered hole that was now red from the anal pounding. Angie worked a finger in and out a few times and smeared the remainder of my cock cream on her ass.

Angie looked at me, ” Your cock felt so good sliding in and out of my ass.”

Anal with Sheena Shaw “I never dreamed that a cock in my asshole could feel so good.”

“I loved it”

Angie turned around. As we kissed our tongues met in each other’s mouths. Our hands were all over each other, savoring the touch of our hot sweaty bodies.

a smile and

Somewhere around the age of 18-19 there was a boy who moved to the town I lived.Black surprise for MILF@Black surprise for MILF Black surprise for MILF “Sam” was in the same grade as me and that’s where we met. For some reason I thought he was cool. We started hanging out and became best friends. I would spend the night over and Sam’s house it seemed every weekend. We were too young to really understand anything about sex, but always curious about it.
One night when I was staying at Sam’s when his parents went downstairs he pulled out some little porn ads. I got a hard on and tried to conceal it. He then grabbed the phone and started calling numbers like 1-800hottits or 1-800hotbabe etc. It was really exciting to hear sexy lady voices talking to me. We did that for a few weeks until we grew into something more.
18 years old housewife bondage
@18 years old housewife bondage 18 years old housewife bondage
After we got caught calling the 800 numbers we stopped and it seemed our horniness doubled. Sam started to tell me stories he was having with the girl at school. I honestly never believed him because I knew he told tall tales. But I was still intrigue. He would mention how they had “sex” and were laying naked kissing. I was kind of jealous but happy for him. The weekend after he told me his secret he gave me an ultimatum. Sam said he wouldn’t be my friend if didn’t keep a secret about him doing stuff with me. That stuff I had no idea what he meant. I was scared of losing my best friend. So I asked what to do because I didn’t want to ruin my friendship.
Sam said that he wanted to have sex with me. I was so confused because I thought men and women were only supposed to kiss and stuff. But I didn’t want to make him upset so I agreed. We got naked and into the same bed. He started off by kissing me. I didn’t know what to do. I kiss my parents on the lips before but not with girls let alone guys. After feeling around awhile he said he wanted to suck my dick. I was so lost in my mind on what to do. I am at his house in the
Gorgeous daughter bj
@Gorgeous daughter bj Gorgeous daughter bjmiddle of the night. I can’t tell his parents what was going on because I didn’t want anybody to know what the hell has happened. I agree to him and he goes under the blanket and starts to suck on my hard rod. It was feeling quite nice but wasn’t exactly comfortable as my mind felt guilty of this pleasure. After a few minutes he said it was his turn.
I was hesitant but once again I didn’t stop myself. I took his cock in my hand. It was curved and slightly smaller than mine. The feeling of another guys cock was so sensational. The skin felt soft but underneath was ribbed meat. I put my head under the cover and next to his dick. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I just remembered the slight smell of piss and salty taste. After sucking and bobbing for a few minutes not knowing if I was doing it right I came back up for air. I looked at Sam and remember seeing a smile and then what he said next. Sam once again threatened me not to say anything and that He would stop being my friend if we didn’t have sex. I knew I wasn’t going to say anything and then replied ok Sam.
Sam had me roll over on my side and spooned me. His naked body was pressed against me and his pole was poking my butt. It was a strange sensation that made me feel a bit uncomfortable. He began a humping motion but never penetrated me. I just laid there wondering if this was normal. Was it actually feeling good? Was I liking the feeling a being of someone ramming me from behind? Before I could make up my mind Sam stopped and said it was mine turn to “butt” fuck him.
Young lesbian dreams
@Young lesbian dreams Young lesbian dreamsI literally hadn’t a clue what to do. The first thing that I thought of was to put my ass against his and to the humping motion. After he turned me around I spooned him. Gradually I wrapped my arm around him and grabbed his cock. I started humping his back side and rubbing his dick. I stopped after a few minutes and we just laid there and fondling and sucking each other’s young hard-on. We talked to each other until we fell asl**p.
We would continue to explore our sexuality over the year but took a break after we started puberty and our attention and sex drive was focused on our girlfriends. I had one last night with my best friend early in high school. It was by far the best of our sexual encounters. It was at our friend’s cabin which was only a few minutes from where we lived. It was about 5 guys without any parental supervision. We had some alcohol and did the normal things we did like fish swim and just hang out in private. One of those nights we all partied a bit and stayed the night. One room had bunk beds the other a queen and the living room =had a pull out sofa. Sam and I ended up on the sofa. It is a mystery how it happened next but all I could remember from that night was spooning sam. We both had a hard on for each other.Hot Asses@Hot Asses Hot Asses My penis grew against his bum and was aching at his hole. My hand was wrapped around him and I felt for his dick. It felt the way it used to some years back when we were experimenting. I started to press and slowly hump on him while stroking him. It felt so good and after a few minutes I felt the urge building. I came all over Sam’s ass at the same time he spurted his load on the bed sheets and my hand. It stunk like hot butt sex and jizz. We passed out in our wet messes and never talked about it again. I was nervous that the owner of the cabin would notice the sex stains but it was never brought up. I bet there was some suspicion.
That was the last time Sam and I would ever be together like that. We have grown apart since those days but I still think about it and wonder if I’ll ever have a friend like that again. I have always been embarrassed about that story but I am trying to figure out my desire for anal sex and that’s most likely where it stems from. I have been with one other guy besides Sam when I was in college and when I was curious about getting fucked in the ass by guys. I don’t consider myself to be gay because I am not necessarily attracted to guys just love my asshole being toyed with. Could I be Bi? That is a story for another day but I would love to hear people’s comments, advice opinions or stories of similar situations. Thanks for reading

again… 5:55 I returned

My TRUE-XXX Theatrical DE beau
There won’t be sequels to this story as it happened once and if it happens again it will be another story in itself.
This is not like my FANTASY series, ‘Internet Porn’ or ‘Doctor’s diagnosis’. These are pure fiction where the story I am about to relate to you just happened to me for real just a month ago, July 2014.
To validate this to be a true story… I invite you to look up the Buford Highway Twin Cinema at 5805 Buford Highway NE, in Atlanta Georgia. This is where all this happened.
See I have this friend, another story in itself, about how we met and how we came to be friends… with great benefits. Suffice it to say, we are very close friends.
So, we had been enjoying the fruits of our friendship for quite a while and he had asked me on multiple occasions if I loved him. I love his cock, and it is a simple step to say I love him as much. Hehe
Well one day he said, “I want you to prove you love me.”
I asked, “How in the world can I do that?” see I’m married with k**s, and doing something really stupid that would ruin my f****y was totally out… and I said as much.
He said, “Oh no. I respect your f****y and would never ask you to jeopardize that part of you! That just wouldn’t be right if I truly love you too.”
This made sense so I asked again, “So how can I do it?”
He said, “I want to take you to a porn theater and have you suck my cock and tell me you love me in there.”
I said, “I’ll do that but how does that differ from me doing it here?”
He said, “Well there… people roam around and watch other people making out.”
I asked, “Like couples making out? Do they have sex there or just discrete fondling?”
He explained, “Mostly guys roam the isles looking to watch real action like jacking off, sucking, and sometimes fucking, but mostly jacking with some sucking now and then, and almost everyone is male there, so most of the action is gay.”
He continued, “Sometimes a guy’ll bring a girl, his wife or girlfriend, then they’ll start to make out, and let me tell you when this happens they draw a big crowd fast, doesn’t matter where they sit the crowd’ll find them. But this doesn’t happen very often. Most times it’s a guy sucking or jerking off another guy and usually in the back rows. They’ll get a few onlookers but that’s it.”
I said, Hot teen gets a nice massage “Okay, so you want me to suck your yummy big black cock and then tell you I love you in public, in this back row of the theater while some strangers stand around and watch us. Sure, I think it’ll be fun. Sounds really nasty and thrilling to me actually!”
He said he was getting off at 5 and I work swing and heading in at 4. He works much closer to the place so it wouldn’t take him as long to get there. He asked if I would take half a day off and meet him there at 5:30. I agreed, but would arrive around 4:30 as I would have to look like I was going to work as usual.
I got to the theater right around 4:35, and called him from the parking lot. He was busy finishing up his long work day, but said he would be here in an hour, to wait inside and watch the crowds and the movies until he got there.
I went in and found a seat on the left side down near the front. I had worn my shorts with no underwear hoping he would give me a bit of a groping while I suck him and tell him how much I love him.
The movies run back to back so there is no in-between time. The movies are hard core and raunchy with no plot, as expected. Some have Asian women and this gets me fired up. Also the have gay stuff. I don’t know if that is just in one side or both, but I watched for a few minutes then moved to the other theater for some girl on guy sex. My preference to watch without a doubt! You might have picked that up about me if you read some of my fantasy stories.
Anyway, I had been there for about 10 minutes I guess. The zombies, as we call them, were roaming the isles looking for some action. Most of these were scruffy old men. Some staggered like they were d***k. Could have been poor balance in the near total darkness. I know it took me several minutes to adjust to the dark in there.
One young black guy stopped beside me and watched me as I diddle my little penis for a minute. I have erectile dysfunction so I rarely get hard on top of being so small. I had taken my Cialis but it wasn’t working. Then he stepped close and felt me up, before walking on. FakeTaxi – Busty tits and blowjob lips I guess he wasn’t interested in a little flaccid pecker.
As I said, the movie turned to gay and after a few minutes of this I moved to the other theater for some new action.
I sat in the back this time and there were several men milling around. The movie was dated, looked to be 70’s porn, but okay. I put my hand in my pants and pulled hoping it would grow hard. It was frustrating me as I watched someone sucking another about 15 seats down the row.
This theater was about dead with maybe 15 people in it. I went out into the lobby and looked at the clock. It was past 5 going on 5:20, and no sign of him. I had left my phone in the car afraid it would get stolen in here, so I couldn’t call.
I went back into the first theater and this time sat in about the 4th to the back near the right side as you look at the screen. That’s on the right side of the isle by the wall. I always give my perspective from this point of view for future reference, just in case you care. Back looking toward the front at the screen.
So, I let my eyes adjust and moved into an empty row of seats hoping he would come and find me soon. The gay stuff went on for a lot longer than I cared to watch, but the crowd was in here. I watched the people. Tight twat teen gets wet watching redtube There were about 30 or 40 people in here, most of them crowded around the 2 entrances, but this really isn’t a lot in this place. Each side looks like it can seat about 300 people. No, for real!
After a long while I went into the lobby again, and it was past 5:40 and still no sign of him. The lot is clearly visible from the front windows and I stood there looking for some time wondering if he was coming at all.
I had to leave by 6:30 to get back to work, and this wasn’t calculating for rush-hour traffic. I paced the lobby, and took a piss, and looked again… 5:55
I returned to the same side theater, the one with the gay movies showing. I sat in the middle between the 2 isles in the back row about 4 or 5 seats in, not center in a row of about 20. I rubbed my flaccid worthless pecker again and thought about leaving.
A black guy, I’m not sure if it was the first one who fondled me just a bit, but in the dark I could tell he was well built and looking at me. He had sat in the same row about 5 more seats toward the center of me. He saw me with my hand in my pants leg playing with myself, and then saw me looking at him. Then he moved past me to the end of the row about 3 seats away and stood at the end.
I forgot to mention these back rows have seats missing. I think it’s for easier access to others, or maybe wheelchair access. I doubt that.
I looked up to see he was still watching me, so I moved 2 seats toward him with 1 in between. He sat and moved his hand to my thigh and I about exploded! I never expected this. A total stranger touching me.
I moved my hand to his crotch and found him sporting a hard lump in his pants. He leaned close and whispered, “Come with me.”
I followed him out to the lobby but just before we got there he stepped into a little alcove with a curtain. He told me to get on my knees and I did. He told me to pull his cock out, and I did. He looked at me fondling his big black meat with my gold ring on my hand and he asked, “Do you think your wife would like this big black cock?”
Oh if he only knew the history I have lived with my wife in the past 2 years with her black lovers. One of which I was desperately waiting on here and now. I said, “Yes, she would love it.”
He said, “Suck it.” I realize this was stupid doing this with a total stranger but I leaned forward and grabbed the muscular cheeks of his ass and pulled his hard cock into my mouth.
He wasn’t as big as the friend I was expecting, but I was so hungry for this, so I went for it. I sucked him and he pulled it out and jacked a while, then I sucked him again, finally he jacked until he blew his load on my cheek and lips and in my open mouth.
I got up and he returned to the theater. I went to the washroom to clean up and ponder the stupidity of what I had just done.
As I exited the john I looked at the clock, now 6:18 and about time for me to leave. That’s when I saw my friend walking into the theater I had just come from. He turned and saw me too. We met and he explained how he had gotten tied up with a customer as he was walking out the door and couldn’t get away.
I asked if he wanted to do this now. He said, Sexiest Asian blowjob and cumshot! “Come with me.”
We went to the back row, about the same seat I had been in a few minutes before. This time he was with me. He stood beside me and he had his gym shorts on too. He made it easy for me to fish his delicious cock from his pant leg.
I pulled him out and he was already hard. I pulled him to my lips and sucked him in. He stood over me and fed me for a few minutes like this. Then I noticed several people gathering in close to watch me make oral love to this fine man meat. I felt proud to be showing them how much I loved it.
Then they were in the seat beside me and I felt hands moving into my shorts to fondle my prick. I couldn’t tell if it was hard or not, but it sure felt good to be doing this sucking in front of them and feeling their hands on my sex at the same time.
I heard my friend ask, “Do you love me?”
I let him pull from my lips long enough to say, “Yes I love you,” before I dove back onto him. He held my head and fucked my lips with his cock head deep in my throat. I have learned to do this for quite some time while holding my breath. I don’t gag or retch, but I do produce a copious amount of spittle that oozes out of my stretched lips and all over his balls and my chest. It goes everywhere actually.
The hands groping me were rubbing my ass and inner thighs and it felt like 4 or five hands maybe. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it was amazing to feel.
I kept sucking when he pulled out and said, “Tell me you love me.”
I groaned and said, “I do… I do love you, please let me…” but he was back in before I had to say another word. I actually heard ooos and aaahs from our fans as I sucked him back in and began to slobber and groan on him again.
Then my friend said, “Go ahead. Suck his big clit. At that moment I felt the hands pulling my thighs wide and a set push in under my rump and lift me and move me so I was barely on the edge of my seat. They remained under my ass squeezing my cheeks as I felt the other hands rubbing my inner thighs.
My pants were pulled up so high it felt like all I had on was a belt.College Facial Shot For Bratty Sorority Girl I was almost naked down there in front of all these gawking guys as I sucked on my friend’s big black cock and told him how much I love him!
Then I felt lips suck me in and I sucked my friend in so deep and hard he gasped with delight. The hands on me were massaging me. I took a breath and took the opportunity to say, “I wish you were in my ass right now.”
He was too busy for that as he plunged back into my mouth and fucked my throat with long even strokes.
The lips on my penis were locked at the base and the suction was tremendous as I felt his tongue swirling around and around my head. I knew I was hard now as my penis pulsed and tingled and felt even bigger under the tremendous vacuum.
Fingers began pinching my nipples and sending jolts through my body. I could tell fingers were doing the same to my friend as his body jerked as well.
I didn’t want to cum, I needed to hold out until he came first. He moved to stand over me so he was right in front of me now and he held my head and fucked my throat like a jackhammer. It was impossible for me to hold off any longer, but I tried.
My friend said, “Suck the cum out of my girlfriend clit as I cum down his throat!” and I felt the vacuumPregnant brunette girl showing increase sending me over the top. It was mind blowing to have my friend thrust in deep and hold himself here so I couldn’t breathe only experience the explosion.
At the same time his own explosion was erupting deep inside me. I could feel his cock swelling as he ground his balls into my chin and his pubes against my nose. He pulsed and throbbed and swelled and I could feel the jets of his cum sliding through my lips and over my tongue and down my throat, but they were too far in for me to taste a drop as he unleashed his orgasm in time with my own.
The zombies were oowing and aahing again but I was in my own little world a world that extended from my penis to the top of my head and involved all the sexual activity between.
I felt him pull back and the length of his flaccid cock slide from my throat through my mouth and out my sucking lips. The guy between my legs was still there and I had grown so sensitive I felt like he was killing me.
I tried to sit up but got a muscle cramp in my belly and doubled over in pain. I was helped to stand by a hundred hands all loving and sympathetic. I stood and stretched and the pain finally left. I was ushered to the water fountain where I must have sucked down a gallon.
We said our good byes and I left in my car to head for work. I was 2 minutes late, can you believe that?
I slept very soundly that night and woke with memories of wonderful dreams. In my dreams it all unfolded again only this time I imagined I Hot teen fucked hard for creampie felt fingers fucking my ass at the same time. Well probably best it never happened or I would have never made it as long as I did!
So that is my totally true accounting of what we did a month ago. I have been so hungry to try it again, but he has been too busy and tells me he doesn’t want me to go there by myself!

I care what you think of me, so PLEASE if you liked this or if you didn’t, take a minute of your time to leave a comment.

in between her

A few weekends ago, I took Sas with me for a weekend break away. We had discussed the next step of our cuckolding relationship several weeks ago. Hubby was well aware of my intentions and was eager to move things forward. I laid down my plans to Sas. Unsurprisingly, she was excited and agreed to all of it.

The plan was simple. We will go to Brighton together. Enjoy 1 night together and I will take her back home the next day. Unknown to her, I had given hubby a different set of instructions to surprise and excite her; after all she was my girlfriend for the weekend.

I instructed Hubby to take Sas to the hairdressers on Friday, then out shopping for a list of dresses; red, white, red and black and finally a pink figure hugging summer dress. She was to visit a beauty saloon and have her hair, nails and body attended to. Sas was to obey my instructions given via hubby without question. She was at the saloon for hours. At the end of it all, she looked amazing. Straight blond hair; to just below her shoulders, facial treatments, red full lips, long manicured nails and a full body treatment.

Hubby packed her bags according to a list I gave as well.PornPros Teen’s take study break for cock Channel No 5 perfume, no underwear whatsoever, a Pandora wrist chain, an ankle chain with ‘I love BBC’ dangling off it, red lipstick, L’Occitane toiletries and her 5 new dresses neatly hung in a travel bag hanger. Sas was allowed a bag of her own to add in anything else she thought she might need excluding underwear, clothes and accessories obviously.

Saturday morning arrived and I picked Sas up from a shopping village several towns away from her home. Hubby handed her over in a beautiful figure hugging pink summer dress, her ankle chain on her right bare ankle as always. As she stepped out of the passenger’s side of their Chelsea tractor, we embraced and kissed for the entire world to see. Hubby took a few pictures of us together and transferred her bags to my car. We waved goodbye to hubby and started our weekend together. On the way down, I took pictures of Sas giving me a blow job at a stop over and sent them to hubby.

On arriving in Brighton, I headed straight for a famous spa. As I drove past the hotel towards the spa, Sas asked, are you taking me to the spa you talked about? Yes indeed. Sas being the typical suburban middleclass wife was nervous. The thought of visiting a naturist spa was completely alien to her. She started vocalising some reluctance, what if we meet someone I know there? What will that someone be doing in a naturist spa I answered? Who in your social circle will be that adventurous? No answer. Youthful Jenna Haze washes feet with milk Glad we cleared that up.
I reassured her it was near impossible to meet anyone she knew, even if she did, whoever it was could not claim to have arrived there accidentally.

We got to the spa. Sas sent hubby a text telling him she was having a great time and going into a spa. I had arranged for her to have a one hour long massage shortly after arriving. We used the facilities for just under an hour before I surprised her with the news of her massage. I wanted her thoroughly relaxed for the weekend. On coming out, I led her to the shower to wash off the oils then took her into a private room and proceeded to fuck her already dripping wet pussy for a good hour. She was now ready for my list of surprises.

We left the spa after several more hours and drove to the 4* hotel. Dinner was in an hour and Sas quickly got her dresses out for me to choose her next outfit. I picked the white dress and assisted in getting her accessories on. I had booked us a table for 2 at an upmarket fish restaurant for a 3 course meal. The evening was warm and Sas felt great. She was smiling and cuddling as we walked hand in hand to the restaurant. After our meal the 1st surprise was sprung. I told Sas we will be heading back to our room with a sea view, on arrival; I looked with the binoculars to check if hubby was standing exactly where I had instructed him to be. He gave me a hand signal to confirm he was. I pulled Sas to me against the window, lifted her dress and started fucking her doggy style. Unknown to her, Hubby was filming it all with his professional camera from the beech front. I had booked a double room for hubby as well and instructed him to record her getting fucked against the hotel window at 8pm while the sun was still up. He was then to come up to our room and surprise Sas.

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I let Sas into the next surprise. Mofos – Sexy teens get freaky Hubby is in a double room one floor down I had booked for him secretly. She was to put on her red dress after my next cream pie and go down to feed him another load. This was to be the arrangement for the rest of the weekend. Sas was amazed we had planned this without her suspecting a thing but was pleased at the thought of hubby sl**ping in the same building a few rooms away. For the rest of the night, Sas took two more loads of my cum and fed them to hubby. 2am, 5am and 830am she left our room to feed her loving hubby.

I ordered breakfast in bed for us and hubby. At 11am he was instructed to meet us down at the foyer and accompany us on a shopping trip. Sas was dressed in red. She had her ankle chain on proclaiming to the world she was my BBC slut. I had just filled her married cunt up with a fresh load of cum which was now trickling down her bare thigh. She commented how slutty she felt walking into shops with my cum oozing down her legs and hubby walking behind watching us behaving like teenage lovers. We stopped and French kissed knowing hubby was a few metres away pretending he was on his own. I took Sas to a L’Occitane, Molton Brown and white company store to buy a few more items with hubby walking behind; Mofos – Hot hotel sex with Jasmine occasionally offering his opinion and paying for the items with his card.

When shopping was over, I suggested to hubby since we still had our rooms, to take the items upstairs and meet us with his car at the front for a leisurely drive around the countryside. He instantly knew what I had in mind and smiled.

Half an hour later we were in a secluded lay by with Sas and me fucking our brains out in the back seat of their Chelsea tractor. The air condition was on full blast to cool us down. Hubby could not control himself and shot his load onto his trousers while wanking to the sight of his classy trophy Hotwife fucking her black lover in the backseat of their car. I had Sas on her back and emptied my balls inside her for the last time that Sunday afternoon. Her red dress was going to have a wet patch if nothing was done soon. Hubby, having shot his own load was fidgeting in the driver’s seat trying to make himself look descent. Sas called out to him to quickly come down and clean her up otherwise she would have to walk into the hotel in a wet dress. Hubby was quick to get in between her legs, one back door left ajar as he leaned into the backseat and eat up all the cum sliding out of his beautiful wifes cunt. It was the dirtiest weekend they had ever had outside their home and they both loved it. After cleaning her up, I asked Sas to kiss him. I wanted to see them both sharing my cum and swallowing it together. They looked perfect as they kissed…..

Our adventures continue

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Aubrey James Phillips sat quietly in the municipal courtroom as he waited for his destiny to be decided. He had hired a lawyer to help get him off the charges he was facing. Court was slated to begin at 2:00 p.m. so he made sure he was in place at 1:15 p.m. Twenty minutes after he arrived wearing black slacks, a light blue button down shirt, a red tie, and black Stacy Adams, in walked an extremely attractive light-skinned woman. He stared at her, but not too hard. Typically, he liked dark-skinned chicks as he was a relative red bone himself. But this lady had that indescribable characteristic called sex appeal. She was short and curvaceous versus his tall, slim build. He was nervous due to his case, but hoped the woman wearing the business suit was in a similar situation as he was.

The beautiful lady sat down on the bench in front of him. Porn mobi She turned around and asked, “Dou have the time?”
“Yeah, it’s 1:47,” Aubrey answered looking at his Caravelle New York by Bulova chronograph stainless steel watch.
“Thanks, love. What are you here for,” she inquired.
“Some messed up gun charges,” he whispered keeping the conversation discreet.
“Oh cool. I’m here for speeding. Tryna get out of it. Good luck.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”

As everyone in the courtroom waited for the legal professionals to begin their business, the defendants en masse were antsy. Yet, they could say nothing. They were at the mercy of the city. Aubrey sat patiently looking at nothing in general.

“Would you like a mint,” the lady asked.
“Yeah, that’s what’s up,” he replied still looking around for his lawyer.
“Here,” the attractive woman offered. “They’re slow up in here.”
“Yeah. I hate I’m up here though.”
“I understand.”

They all continued to wait. The judge entered and an elderly cop instructed everyone to stand. Aubrey got a better look at the lady’s ass now. It was plump and generous sticking out of the gray pinstripe pencil skirt. Aubrey told himself to chill out. indian porn He wasn’t sure why she was in court, but was concerned that such a wholesome looking girl may be turned off by his reality. He was a street nigga. And, he had two ‘baby mamas’. He was ready to propose to his current chick, but this charge fucked up his head so he was waiting until all the legal wrangling was done. But, he couldn’t stop thinking about her ass.

Aubrey’s lawyer appeared and called him aside. They spoke quietly and briefly before he returned to his seat.

She offered in a low voice, “Good news I hope.”
“We’ll see,” he whispered back.

Aubrey was called back by his lawyer a few minutes later. The judge was going to continue the case until next month. He just needed to wait a little longer in the courtroom today until the attorney could get the paperwork signed by the clerk. Aubrey returned to his seat. This time the pretty woman handed him a slip of paper containing her number and name. He smiled and thought about possibility of adding this one to his team.

The judge called his name. Aubrey stood, but his lawyer motioned for him to stay seated. The attorney approached the bench and began speaking with Her Honor. After a couple of minutes, Aubrey was advised he was able to leave. He leaned over and told the lady, “I’ma text you. Call me when you leave.”

An hour later, Aubrey’s phone rang. He said, “Hello.”
“Hi. This is Dahlia,” the lady from earlier said.
“Yeah. I know. I locked yo number in my phone.”
“Lucky me,” she replied. “How are you?”
“I’m good. What you up to?”
“I’m about to go back to my room and chill.”

“You stay at a hotel,” Aubrey quizzed.
“No sir. I live in Georgia. I just came up to fight this speeding ticket I got,” Dahlia told him
“Who you come up here wit?”
“I’m by myself.”
“Oh that’s what’s up. Can I come chill with you?”
“Totally,” she affirmed with her valley girl accent. “You have the sexiest voice.”
“Thank you. You like the base in it?”
“I sure do. It makes me think you got a big ole dick.”
“Really,” he laughed. “Why you say that?”
“Just thought it so I said it. I always say what I think. Not such a good quality.”

“That’s straight. I like a woman that says what’s on her mind. Mean I don’t have to be guessing. What we gone do,” Aubrey inquired.
“Well, I was gonna sip on a li’l something. And maybe blaze up,” Dahlia revealed.
“That’s what’s up. Porn Videos What you got ova there?”
“Some whiskey, some vodka, and some beer.”
“Got damn. You got it all. You got some loud too?”
“Yes, daddy.”

“So you drove all the way up here by yo’self and brought all that alcohol and some weed. Why do that,” the semi-thug wanted to know.
“Well, I was hoping I could meet somebody,” Dahlia shared.
“How was you gone do that?”
“I already did. I figured I’d run into somebody sexy. Turns out it was you.”
“You too good to be true. But it figures cause you ain’t from here.”
“What do you mean?”

“These females round here be on some bullshit. Can I keep it one hunid,” he asked.
“Always,” she said.
“I got a girl. I’ma propose when I get this case wrapped up. But I like your body. If I come through I’ma wanna fuck.”
“That’s fine. I wanna get fucked. You wanna drink a li’l somethin’ and blaze with me first?”
“Hell yeah. Where you at?”
“The Super 8 on S-B-T.”
“I know exactly where that at. I’ma be there in a hour. You gone be ready.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“I like how you call me daddy. Lemme get off dis phone and I’ma call you when I get close.”
“Ok. Be safe.”
“Aight. Bye.”

Dahlia received a text from Aubrey an hour later saying he was on his way and it would take him fifteen minutes. She texted him back saying that was cool and to call when he got in the parking lot.

“Hey sexy,” Dahlia gleamed upon answering the call.
“You still by yo’self,” Aubrey inquired.
“Heck yeah, daddy!”
“Shit! That’s what’s up! I’m the light by yo hotel. What the room number?”
“Two one six.”
“Aight. I’ma be there in two minutes. Waitin’ on dis got damn light. You got a chaser for the whiskey?”
“Yeah, daddy. Some Coca-Cola.”
“Yeah. Light just changed be there in a minute.”

Aubrey turned his 1997 Supercharged gold Buick Riviera into the parking lot. He made a left and realized the room numbers were odd so he had to drive to the other side of the building. He crept around slowly because he knew the cops might be lurking. When he spotted 216, he parked his car. He walked with swag up the steps and knocked on the door. He was greeted by Dahlia wearing a red tie-front midriff top, a pair of cheetah print leggings, and red stilettoes. Her toes were painted neon yellow.

“Got damn! You got sexy fo’ a nigga,” the well dressed man exclaimed.
“Hell yeah, daddy,” she replied securing the door latch.
“Thanks! Locking that make me feel safer.”
“Want a drink?”
“Yeah,” Aubrey replied. “Can I take a piss?”

Aubrey did need to urinate, but also wanted to make sure this lady had nobody in the waiting to fuck him up. Just in case, he had his hand on his pistol. He relieved himself and saw no one was in the restroom. He had been in this hotel before and knew the beds were unable to be hidden under so he was safe. “Where dat whiskey at,” he asked.

“It’s right over here,” Dahlia replied taking note that Aubrey did not wash his hands.
“Where dem cups at,” he wanted to know.
“Here you go,” she answered tearing away the plastic wrapping. “Want some ice?”
“Hell yeah. You gotta have a man cause you is so got damn perfect!”
“I’m single.”
“I was engaged, but he got killed a year ago.”
“My bad. How he get killed tho?”
“He was a green beret in Afghanistan.”
“Damn. You okay,” the six-foot-one-inch, one-hundred-sixty-pound man asked while pouring his drink.
“Yeah. I still get a li’l sad. But I’m good.”

“That’s what’s up. Maybe I can make you feel better,” Aubrey remarked feeling bad about memories he may have evoked.
“Yes you can. You wanna smoke a li’l,” Dahlia shot back to reassure him.
“Yeah. Light up. I’ma smoke my cig for a minute first. You got it smellin’ good as fuck in here.”
“Glad you like,” Dahlia said thankful that he had noticed the scent of the strawberry vanilla candle and ‘Love’s Baby Soft perfume she was wearing that had also been sprayed around the room and on the bed.

Aubrey lit his cigarillo, sat in the chair, and sipped his drink while admiring Dahlia’s small perky tits underneath the blouse. “Them titties look good. You like ‘em sucked?” She replied confirming the answer. Aubrey reach for the blunt and Dahlia handed it over. He inhaled a couple of times and fixed himself a second drink. He was feeling brave so he pulled out his limp dick.

Dahlia was taken aback when she saw the flaccid seven inches in front of her. She immediately moved towards him and began sucking it. Astonishingly it grew to just a touch over ten inches. Her wet sloppy head felt like heaven to Aubrey. But then she stopped. She walked to the mini-fridge and pulled out a large bottle of vodka. She took a swig without swallowing and went back to work on the humongous dick.

The cold liquid combined with her soft luscious lips and caressing tongue took Aubrey to places he had never been. He began fondling her boobs. “I’ma fuck you real good and slow.”
“Please,” she mumbled handing him the blunt again.

Aubrey inhaled again. Dahlia stood up and poured him more whiskey. He drank a little more and she sucked his dick intermittently to keep it rock hard. A few minutes later, Dahlia could tell he was right. She stood up from the sloppy blow job she was giving much to Aubrey’s disapproval. She turned away from him and bent over the bed. She pulled her leggings down revealing her substantial ass.

“Dem thongs cut all up in dat ass,” Aubrey slurred slightly as Dahlia twerked.
“You wanna fuck?”
“Hell yeah. Show me that pussy.”

Dahlia quickly moved back to Aubrey’s generous shaft and started sucking. “Damn I wanna fuck you befoe I nut.”
“Okay,” she replied pulling back up still on her knees. “I’m transsexual.”
“What,” Aubrey inquired a bit surprised.
“I was born a boy.”
“Quit lyin’.”
“I’m serious. I still wanna get fucked though”
“How can I fuck you if you got a dick too?”
“I don’t really have a dick. You can fuck me in my ass.”
“You ain’t got no dick?”
“Well, I mean it’s super small and doesn’t get hard.”

“Damn I ain’t never done no Dayanna Cam4 27/12/2013 shit like dis befoe.”
“Your dick is still hard.”
“Hell yeah. I thought you was a female.”
“I am. You can fuck me just like one.”
“Why you do this?”
“Why do I do what?”
“Trick me. I thought you knew.”
“Hell naw! You look just like a female.”
“Are you mad?”
“Naw. You see my dick still hard. I kinda wanna see what it feel like.”
“Well, come on, daddy.”

Dahlia grabbed a tube of surgical lubricating jelly from the nightstand that Aubrey had not noticed until now. She efficiently applied a nice amount on her fingers and worked it inside of her. “Got damn dat ass phat. I cain’t believe I’m bout to do this,” Aubrey opined. He took another draw from his cup and stroked his long dick.

“Ooh,” Dahlia screamed as she felt Aubrey’s meatiness impale her.
“Got damn! Dat ass real tight on dis dick,” he announced.

Aubrey pushed himself inside of Dahlia and put his hand underneath her torso. He began massaging her small hormone induced tits.

“Ooh wee. Dat ass feel good,” Aubrey revealed while fucking her.
“You like that tight boipussy,” she asked.
“Hell yeah!”
“Fuck me deep. Love those long slow strokes, daddy!”

Aubrey savored Dahlia’s tight hole. He continued his meditated assault on her ass.

“Shit, big daddy! That feels so good,” cried out Dahlia.
“Hell yeah! Shut the fuck up,” Aubrey commanded. “You gone be my bitch from now on.”

Aubrey worked Dahlia’s ass slowly and then told her to get on her back. He made love to her missionary style for the next hour before finally cumming. It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

moaning louder as

Watching Ana with two men

A couple of years ago, Ana told me she loved me like the first day we had met, but our present sex life was not satisfying her needs. She is a horny woman and wanted to fuck almost daily; this was a real problem, because my job keeps me flying abroad mostly of the time. That was the reason why she had started to fuck other men, especially black ones, with huge black dicks.

I commenced to have the fantasy of watching her fucking with two men at the same time. pornhub One night when Ana was out shopping with her friends, I found myself in the net, watching some porn sites of videos with some guys witnessing their wives fucking black men and it turned me on so badly.

A few days later I finally told Ana about my fantasy; she was not surprised at first, but then she asked me if I really could stand to watch her fucked by other men.
I nodded yes and she agreed that it was fine for her too.

Some days later we both searched on the net and we met a black guy who was living a few miles from us. We both liked him. He sent us some pictures through mail. His cock looked huge; at least about ten inches long and very thick also. He promised us that he could contact another black friend to have a threesome with my lovely wife.

Anyway, after a few days of chatting through the net and on the phone we arranged for him to meet us at a local motel, there was a pub at the side of it.
Anita dressed up sexy, wearing a short black silk dress and black high heels, with a sexy small thong that barely covered her shaved pussy and of course, not bra at all.
We started the night at the pub. When we were sitting at the bar sipping some margaritas, redtube the black man, whose name was Jamal, texted Ana and said he had arrived. He walked into the pub and shook my hand, kissing Ana on both cheeks. We sat down chatting for a while, until my wife suggested we could go up to the room we had rented.

Jamal said that his friend Tom would be there in ten minutes. I told him about my fantasy of having my wife being fucked by two huge black cocks and I wished to be there as a witness. He nodded it was fine for him and sure for his friend.

We went upstairs to the room, waiting for Tom. Ana stood in front of the mirror putting a touch of red lipstick on, I sat down on an arm chair in a corner, ready to watch all the action.

Jamal reached out behind my wife and put his hands on her thighs as they looked at each other in the mirror; he started kissing her neck and moved his hands up to her breast, as she rubbed her ass against the huge bulge that could be seen inside his jeans.

Anna turned around and they started kissing passionately; the black man put his hands on her ass and then moved them up to unzip her dress. My wife wriggled out of her dress and got down on her knees, unbuckling his belt as she looked into his eyes and pulling down his jeans. I could see he really had a huge black cock inside his tight white boxers.

Eventually she pulled down his boxers, grabbed his huge cock with one hand and looked at me. Teen and MILF plan to fuck a hot guy I just smiled; she started to lick this huge monster cock and then put it in her mouth. She started to suck his cock, sucking it as deep as she could. She was gagging herself on this giant piece of black meat.

In that moment the door was opened and another giant black man stood there.
He did not say a single word, just looked at me sitting at the corner, then looked at my wife`s ass as she was down on her knees and commenced to take his clothes off.

His cock was even bigger than Jamal´s; at least about eleven inches and very, very thick.

Jamal leaned over and undid Ana`s bra, he took his shirt off and stood my wife up he pulled her black thong down slowly revealing her sweet shaved pussy ,
He picked her up and made her lay back on the bed. He ate her pussy lips, making Ana moan and scream in pleasure.

A few minutes later, he switched her on all fours and aimed his huge black cock into her wet pussy, as he played with her nice round tits, she slowly moved onto his cock and they started to get into a rhythm; she was already moaning quite loudly as the other man approached her with his thick cock in his hands. Ana opened her mouth and Tom shoved his hard piece inside my wife´s throat, making her gag. Some tears run over her cheeks. Everything was turning me on really.

From my position, I could see Jamal’s cock going deep inside her and his balls hitting her ass cheeks every time he pumped forward. She was crying in pleasure now, still sucking Tom’s dick.

Finally Jamal took his hard cock out from her, laying on his back and telling Ana to ride his cock in that position. I saw the huge black cock disappearing inside my wife`s tight pussy. She started moving on that dick, screaming like a crazy woman. She was so fucking hot!!.

In the meantime, Tom kneeled behind her, grabbed my wife`s buttocks and suddenly shoved his monster deep inside her tight anus in just one thrust. Ana screamed in pain and surprise, feeling the hard intrusion, but after a few seconds she seemed to be enjoying the double penetration.

Soon the threesome was complete, having a terrific pace, Aurora Monroe Xxxtra Small both black men entering my wife’s body.

Ana was screaming and moaning louder as she was deeply fucked by those two giant black snakes.
Suddenly Jamal shouted and tensed. I knew he had filled Ana`s pussy with his sticky semen. Soon he moved from behind, letting Ana in all fours, still with her round ass in the air, pumped by his mate.

I guess she had at least one wild orgasm as she was ass fucked by Tom. The black man suddenly tensed and came silently inside Ana`s anus. When he left her body, I could see her open asshole very red and swollen. Both her pussy and ass were dripping semen.

Both black men dressed up in silence and left the room, thanking me for letting them use my wife.
I got up and sat down on the bed close to Ana. She smiled at me, telling she had experienced the best orgasms in so much time, because she knew I was also enjoying their fuck session.

She was very tired and sore to be fucked by my throbbing cock, but then she sucked me until I came in her mouth.
On our way bay home, she made me promise that I would let her fuck a black cock whenever she wanted and that I could be present all the times…