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It makes me

Aubrey James Phillips sat quietly in the municipal courtroom as he waited for his destiny to be decided. He had hired a lawyer to help get him off the charges he was facing. Court was slated to begin at 2:00 p.m. so he made sure he was in place at 1:15 p.m. Twenty minutes after he arrived wearing black slacks, a light blue button down shirt, a red tie, and black Stacy Adams, in walked an extremely attractive light-skinned woman. He stared at her, but not too hard. Typically, he liked dark-skinned chicks as he was a relative red bone himself. But this lady had that indescribable characteristic called sex appeal. She was short and curvaceous versus his tall, slim build. He was nervous due to his case, but hoped the woman wearing the business suit was in a similar situation as he was.

The beautiful lady sat down on the bench in front of him. Porn mobi She turned around and asked, “Dou have the time?”
“Yeah, it’s 1:47,” Aubrey answered looking at his Caravelle New York by Bulova chronograph stainless steel watch.
“Thanks, love. What are you here for,” she inquired.
“Some messed up gun charges,” he whispered keeping the conversation discreet.
“Oh cool. I’m here for speeding. Tryna get out of it. Good luck.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”

As everyone in the courtroom waited for the legal professionals to begin their business, the defendants en masse were antsy. Yet, they could say nothing. They were at the mercy of the city. Aubrey sat patiently looking at nothing in general.

“Would you like a mint,” the lady asked.
“Yeah, that’s what’s up,” he replied still looking around for his lawyer.
“Here,” the attractive woman offered. “They’re slow up in here.”
“Yeah. I hate I’m up here though.”
“I understand.”

They all continued to wait. The judge entered and an elderly cop instructed everyone to stand. Aubrey got a better look at the lady’s ass now. It was plump and generous sticking out of the gray pinstripe pencil skirt. Aubrey told himself to chill out. indian porn He wasn’t sure why she was in court, but was concerned that such a wholesome looking girl may be turned off by his reality. He was a street nigga. And, he had two ‘baby mamas’. He was ready to propose to his current chick, but this charge fucked up his head so he was waiting until all the legal wrangling was done. But, he couldn’t stop thinking about her ass.

Aubrey’s lawyer appeared and called him aside. They spoke quietly and briefly before he returned to his seat.

She offered in a low voice, “Good news I hope.”
“We’ll see,” he whispered back.

Aubrey was called back by his lawyer a few minutes later. The judge was going to continue the case until next month. He just needed to wait a little longer in the courtroom today until the attorney could get the paperwork signed by the clerk. Aubrey returned to his seat. This time the pretty woman handed him a slip of paper containing her number and name. He smiled and thought about possibility of adding this one to his team.

The judge called his name. Aubrey stood, but his lawyer motioned for him to stay seated. The attorney approached the bench and began speaking with Her Honor. After a couple of minutes, Aubrey was advised he was able to leave. He leaned over and told the lady, “I’ma text you. Call me when you leave.”

An hour later, Aubrey’s phone rang. He said, “Hello.”
“Hi. This is Dahlia,” the lady from earlier said.
“Yeah. I know. I locked yo number in my phone.”
“Lucky me,” she replied. “How are you?”
“I’m good. What you up to?”
“I’m about to go back to my room and chill.”

“You stay at a hotel,” Aubrey quizzed.
“No sir. I live in Georgia. I just came up to fight this speeding ticket I got,” Dahlia told him
“Who you come up here wit?”
“I’m by myself.”
“Oh that’s what’s up. Can I come chill with you?”
“Totally,” she affirmed with her valley girl accent. “You have the sexiest voice.”
“Thank you. You like the base in it?”
“I sure do. It makes me think you got a big ole dick.”
“Really,” he laughed. “Why you say that?”
“Just thought it so I said it. I always say what I think. Not such a good quality.”

“That’s straight. I like a woman that says what’s on her mind. Mean I don’t have to be guessing. What we gone do,” Aubrey inquired.
“Well, I was gonna sip on a li’l something. And maybe blaze up,” Dahlia revealed.
“That’s what’s up. Porn Videos What you got ova there?”
“Some whiskey, some vodka, and some beer.”
“Got damn. You got it all. You got some loud too?”
“Yes, daddy.”

“So you drove all the way up here by yo’self and brought all that alcohol and some weed. Why do that,” the semi-thug wanted to know.
“Well, I was hoping I could meet somebody,” Dahlia shared.
“How was you gone do that?”
“I already did. I figured I’d run into somebody sexy. Turns out it was you.”
“You too good to be true. But it figures cause you ain’t from here.”
“What do you mean?”

“These females round here be on some bullshit. Can I keep it one hunid,” he asked.
“Always,” she said.
“I got a girl. I’ma propose when I get this case wrapped up. But I like your body. If I come through I’ma wanna fuck.”
“That’s fine. I wanna get fucked. You wanna drink a li’l somethin’ and blaze with me first?”
“Hell yeah. Where you at?”
“The Super 8 on S-B-T.”
“I know exactly where that at. I’ma be there in a hour. You gone be ready.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“I like how you call me daddy. Lemme get off dis phone and I’ma call you when I get close.”
“Ok. Be safe.”
“Aight. Bye.”

Dahlia received a text from Aubrey an hour later saying he was on his way and it would take him fifteen minutes. She texted him back saying that was cool and to call when he got in the parking lot.

“Hey sexy,” Dahlia gleamed upon answering the call.
“You still by yo’self,” Aubrey inquired.
“Heck yeah, daddy!”
“Shit! That’s what’s up! I’m the light by yo hotel. What the room number?”
“Two one six.”
“Aight. I’ma be there in two minutes. Waitin’ on dis got damn light. You got a chaser for the whiskey?”
“Yeah, daddy. Some Coca-Cola.”
“Yeah. Light just changed be there in a minute.”

Aubrey turned his 1997 Supercharged gold Buick Riviera into the parking lot. He made a left and realized the room numbers were odd so he had to drive to the other side of the building. He crept around slowly because he knew the cops might be lurking. When he spotted 216, he parked his car. He walked with swag up the steps and knocked on the door. He was greeted by Dahlia wearing a red tie-front midriff top, a pair of cheetah print leggings, and red stilettoes. Her toes were painted neon yellow.

“Got damn! You got sexy fo’ a nigga,” the well dressed man exclaimed.
“Hell yeah, daddy,” she replied securing the door latch.
“Thanks! Locking that make me feel safer.”
“Want a drink?”
“Yeah,” Aubrey replied. “Can I take a piss?”

Aubrey did need to urinate, but also wanted to make sure this lady had nobody in the waiting to fuck him up. Just in case, he had his hand on his pistol. He relieved himself and saw no one was in the restroom. He had been in this hotel before and knew the beds were unable to be hidden under so he was safe. “Where dat whiskey at,” he asked.

“It’s right over here,” Dahlia replied taking note that Aubrey did not wash his hands.
“Where dem cups at,” he wanted to know.
“Here you go,” she answered tearing away the plastic wrapping. “Want some ice?”
“Hell yeah. You gotta have a man cause you is so got damn perfect!”
“I’m single.”
“I was engaged, but he got killed a year ago.”
“My bad. How he get killed tho?”
“He was a green beret in Afghanistan.”
“Damn. You okay,” the six-foot-one-inch, one-hundred-sixty-pound man asked while pouring his drink.
“Yeah. I still get a li’l sad. But I’m good.”

“That’s what’s up. Maybe I can make you feel better,” Aubrey remarked feeling bad about memories he may have evoked.
“Yes you can. You wanna smoke a li’l,” Dahlia shot back to reassure him.
“Yeah. Light up. I’ma smoke my cig for a minute first. You got it smellin’ good as fuck in here.”
“Glad you like,” Dahlia said thankful that he had noticed the scent of the strawberry vanilla candle and ‘Love’s Baby Soft perfume she was wearing that had also been sprayed around the room and on the bed.

Aubrey lit his cigarillo, sat in the chair, and sipped his drink while admiring Dahlia’s small perky tits underneath the blouse. “Them titties look good. You like ‘em sucked?” She replied confirming the answer. Aubrey reach for the blunt and Dahlia handed it over. He inhaled a couple of times and fixed himself a second drink. He was feeling brave so he pulled out his limp dick.

Dahlia was taken aback when she saw the flaccid seven inches in front of her. She immediately moved towards him and began sucking it. Astonishingly it grew to just a touch over ten inches. Her wet sloppy head felt like heaven to Aubrey. But then she stopped. She walked to the mini-fridge and pulled out a large bottle of vodka. She took a swig without swallowing and went back to work on the humongous dick.

The cold liquid combined with her soft luscious lips and caressing tongue took Aubrey to places he had never been. He began fondling her boobs. “I’ma fuck you real good and slow.”
“Please,” she mumbled handing him the blunt again.

Aubrey inhaled again. Dahlia stood up and poured him more whiskey. He drank a little more and she sucked his dick intermittently to keep it rock hard. A few minutes later, Dahlia could tell he was right. She stood up from the sloppy blow job she was giving much to Aubrey’s disapproval. She turned away from him and bent over the bed. She pulled her leggings down revealing her substantial ass.

“Dem thongs cut all up in dat ass,” Aubrey slurred slightly as Dahlia twerked.
“You wanna fuck?”
“Hell yeah. Show me that pussy.”

Dahlia quickly moved back to Aubrey’s generous shaft and started sucking. “Damn I wanna fuck you befoe I nut.”
“Okay,” she replied pulling back up still on her knees. “I’m transsexual.”
“What,” Aubrey inquired a bit surprised.
“I was born a boy.”
“Quit lyin’.”
“I’m serious. I still wanna get fucked though”
“How can I fuck you if you got a dick too?”
“I don’t really have a dick. You can fuck me in my ass.”
“You ain’t got no dick?”
“Well, I mean it’s super small and doesn’t get hard.”

“Damn I ain’t never done no Dayanna Cam4 27/12/2013 shit like dis befoe.”
“Your dick is still hard.”
“Hell yeah. I thought you was a female.”
“I am. You can fuck me just like one.”
“Why you do this?”
“Why do I do what?”
“Trick me. I thought you knew.”
“Hell naw! You look just like a female.”
“Are you mad?”
“Naw. You see my dick still hard. I kinda wanna see what it feel like.”
“Well, come on, daddy.”

Dahlia grabbed a tube of surgical lubricating jelly from the nightstand that Aubrey had not noticed until now. She efficiently applied a nice amount on her fingers and worked it inside of her. “Got damn dat ass phat. I cain’t believe I’m bout to do this,” Aubrey opined. He took another draw from his cup and stroked his long dick.

“Ooh,” Dahlia screamed as she felt Aubrey’s meatiness impale her.
“Got damn! Dat ass real tight on dis dick,” he announced.

Aubrey pushed himself inside of Dahlia and put his hand underneath her torso. He began massaging her small hormone induced tits.

“Ooh wee. Dat ass feel good,” Aubrey revealed while fucking her.
“You like that tight boipussy,” she asked.
“Hell yeah!”
“Fuck me deep. Love those long slow strokes, daddy!”

Aubrey savored Dahlia’s tight hole. He continued his meditated assault on her ass.

“Shit, big daddy! That feels so good,” cried out Dahlia.
“Hell yeah! Shut the fuck up,” Aubrey commanded. “You gone be my bitch from now on.”

Aubrey worked Dahlia’s ass slowly and then told her to get on her back. He made love to her missionary style for the next hour before finally cumming. It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

moaning louder as

Watching Ana with two men

A couple of years ago, Ana told me she loved me like the first day we had met, but our present sex life was not satisfying her needs. She is a horny woman and wanted to fuck almost daily; this was a real problem, because my job keeps me flying abroad mostly of the time. That was the reason why she had started to fuck other men, especially black ones, with huge black dicks.

I commenced to have the fantasy of watching her fucking with two men at the same time. pornhub One night when Ana was out shopping with her friends, I found myself in the net, watching some porn sites of videos with some guys witnessing their wives fucking black men and it turned me on so badly.

A few days later I finally told Ana about my fantasy; she was not surprised at first, but then she asked me if I really could stand to watch her fucked by other men.
I nodded yes and she agreed that it was fine for her too.

Some days later we both searched on the net and we met a black guy who was living a few miles from us. We both liked him. He sent us some pictures through mail. His cock looked huge; at least about ten inches long and very thick also. He promised us that he could contact another black friend to have a threesome with my lovely wife.

Anyway, after a few days of chatting through the net and on the phone we arranged for him to meet us at a local motel, there was a pub at the side of it.
Anita dressed up sexy, wearing a short black silk dress and black high heels, with a sexy small thong that barely covered her shaved pussy and of course, not bra at all.
We started the night at the pub. When we were sitting at the bar sipping some margaritas, redtube the black man, whose name was Jamal, texted Ana and said he had arrived. He walked into the pub and shook my hand, kissing Ana on both cheeks. We sat down chatting for a while, until my wife suggested we could go up to the room we had rented.

Jamal said that his friend Tom would be there in ten minutes. I told him about my fantasy of having my wife being fucked by two huge black cocks and I wished to be there as a witness. He nodded it was fine for him and sure for his friend.

We went upstairs to the room, waiting for Tom. Ana stood in front of the mirror putting a touch of red lipstick on, I sat down on an arm chair in a corner, ready to watch all the action.

Jamal reached out behind my wife and put his hands on her thighs as they looked at each other in the mirror; he started kissing her neck and moved his hands up to her breast, as she rubbed her ass against the huge bulge that could be seen inside his jeans.

Anna turned around and they started kissing passionately; the black man put his hands on her ass and then moved them up to unzip her dress. My wife wriggled out of her dress and got down on her knees, unbuckling his belt as she looked into his eyes and pulling down his jeans. I could see he really had a huge black cock inside his tight white boxers.

Eventually she pulled down his boxers, grabbed his huge cock with one hand and looked at me. Teen and MILF plan to fuck a hot guy I just smiled; she started to lick this huge monster cock and then put it in her mouth. She started to suck his cock, sucking it as deep as she could. She was gagging herself on this giant piece of black meat.

In that moment the door was opened and another giant black man stood there.
He did not say a single word, just looked at me sitting at the corner, then looked at my wife`s ass as she was down on her knees and commenced to take his clothes off.

His cock was even bigger than Jamal´s; at least about eleven inches and very, very thick.

Jamal leaned over and undid Ana`s bra, he took his shirt off and stood my wife up he pulled her black thong down slowly revealing her sweet shaved pussy ,
He picked her up and made her lay back on the bed. He ate her pussy lips, making Ana moan and scream in pleasure.

A few minutes later, he switched her on all fours and aimed his huge black cock into her wet pussy, as he played with her nice round tits, she slowly moved onto his cock and they started to get into a rhythm; she was already moaning quite loudly as the other man approached her with his thick cock in his hands. Ana opened her mouth and Tom shoved his hard piece inside my wife´s throat, making her gag. Some tears run over her cheeks. Everything was turning me on really.

From my position, I could see Jamal’s cock going deep inside her and his balls hitting her ass cheeks every time he pumped forward. She was crying in pleasure now, still sucking Tom’s dick.

Finally Jamal took his hard cock out from her, laying on his back and telling Ana to ride his cock in that position. I saw the huge black cock disappearing inside my wife`s tight pussy. She started moving on that dick, screaming like a crazy woman. She was so fucking hot!!.

In the meantime, Tom kneeled behind her, grabbed my wife`s buttocks and suddenly shoved his monster deep inside her tight anus in just one thrust. Ana screamed in pain and surprise, feeling the hard intrusion, but after a few seconds she seemed to be enjoying the double penetration.

Soon the threesome was complete, having a terrific pace, Aurora Monroe Xxxtra Small both black men entering my wife’s body.

Ana was screaming and moaning louder as she was deeply fucked by those two giant black snakes.
Suddenly Jamal shouted and tensed. I knew he had filled Ana`s pussy with his sticky semen. Soon he moved from behind, letting Ana in all fours, still with her round ass in the air, pumped by his mate.

I guess she had at least one wild orgasm as she was ass fucked by Tom. The black man suddenly tensed and came silently inside Ana`s anus. When he left her body, I could see her open asshole very red and swollen. Both her pussy and ass were dripping semen.

Both black men dressed up in silence and left the room, thanking me for letting them use my wife.
I got up and sat down on the bed close to Ana. She smiled at me, telling she had experienced the best orgasms in so much time, because she knew I was also enjoying their fuck session.

She was very tired and sore to be fucked by my throbbing cock, but then she sucked me until I came in her mouth.
On our way bay home, she made me promise that I would let her fuck a black cock whenever she wanted and that I could be present all the times…

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My cous invited me on a trip with her and a group of her friends for a 10
day trip at a beach house. We arrived and everyone had to share a room with
another person. There was only one other guy on the trip so him and I found the
biggest room and claimed it quick. After that was settled we all headed out to
get food and alcohol for the week. The first few days were spent drinking and
partying on the beach then going out at night or staying in and having a good
time. We caught an afternoon/evening storm so we stocked up and started partying.
As the evening went on the party moved to my cous room after her and her
roommate declared it the party HQ. It got late and I wasn’t really enjoying the
flow of the party and went back to my room and turned on the tv. About and hour
later my cous came in and flopped on my bed. She didn’t say anything but I
finally asked what do I owe the visit. She said that everyone wasn’t doing
anything but talking, not even drinking anymore and she either wanted to keep
drinking or go to slp. I said feel free to crash here if you want. A while
after she came in, my roommate for the trip stumbled in, yelled Hi to us and
then stripped to his boxers and flopped in bed and was out and snoring in

I said to my

lowered his shorts.

The two girls, Kirsty who was 15 and Krissy who was just 14, chatted in the back of the car. They were going on Holiday to Italy and it had been decided that David would go with them on Holiday.

Rachel had suggested it earlier in the year saying she could not afford a holiday this year. Both Mandy and Rachel were separated from their husbands and Rachel was struggling financially, Mandy had a good job in a bank and had thrown herself into her work after her husband walked out, she had been promoted and worked hard at her job. When she had told her daughters about David, they both were less than happy, they both thought David was a wimp and, although they had not seen him for over a year, they said he was c***dish and did nothing but read books.

When Mandy saw her younger s****r and David walk towards the car she thought how tall David had, bella french grown but he was still thin, maybe the girls are right he looks like a wimp.

Kirsty and Krissy checked him out he was tall but he was still wimpy and now he looked like a geek. David looked them over, his eyes went to their boobs, he smiled and thanked them for letting him share their holiday ai uehara.

They all set off to the check in zone. After the bags had been handed in it was time for Rachel to leave.

Mandy thought that her s****r gave David an unusually long kiss goodbye but thought no more about it.

The flight was uneventful, Mandy sat next to her two girls and David sat across the aisle and appeared to be reading a book the whole time. She had to agree with her daughters he was wimpy.

Taking a taxi to the apartment the rooms were sorted out, Mandy had the master bedroom with an ensuite, the two girls would share the room with the double bed and David got the smallest room with a single bed. Everyone was happy and started to unpack there bags.

David neatly placed his clothes in the drawers and wardrobe checking for creases as he went along.

Mandy did the same, smoothing her clothes as she put them away, placing her many shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe. Putting on her bikini she covered herself with a wrap over.

The girls on the other hand just tipped everything onto the bed and rummaged for their bikini’s

Krissy had just bought a new one with her spending money, the old one ixxx tube did not fit and was not a cool style, it had been Kirsty’s and she had started to wear it when her older s****r had outgrown it.

Mandy had been working so hard she had not noticed that her daughters had grown up, no longer were they little girls they were young women.

Kirsty had read all the teenage magazines on how to improve your body and one article that told you for bigger boobs you must massage them for ten minutes every day with body lotion and drink a pint of milk before going to bed. The next week both girls bought body lotion and Mandy started to have to buy more milk. Both girls now had developed and their breasts were like solid round balls, they sat proud on their chests with nipples that instantly became erect, when they massaged themselves with the body lotion. Putting on their bikini’s they looked in the mirror and no one deny that they looked hot.

Taking their towels they went out to the terrace, they looked over the rail and surveyed the area, it was very quiet, only a few oldies round the pool, they settled down to sunbathe.

David had on a tee shirt and baggy shorts, he carried a book and a towel and was about to go onto the terrace when he noticed the two girls lay out before him, he stared at their breasts, and followed their legs up to where they met. He felt himself getting hard and went back to sit in the room he watched them intently and gently stroked himself under the table.

Mandy looked in the girl’s room and sighed when she saw the mess, she would have to talk to them later, going into the lounge she checked that David was ok. She looked out onto the balcony and took a double take. These were not her little girls, they were younger versions of herself, she looked at the boobs, God I wish I had tits like those she said to herself, she thought she would have to keep them away from young men this holiday.

Mandy and her daughters were true red heads and She called out to them to be careful and not get sun burnt. “Use plenty of lotion all over,” she said, the two girls winked at each other and giggled. Kirsty lifted her head up to look at her mother and her eyes went to under the table where David had his hand trying to cover his tented out shorts.

Kirsty licked her lips provocatively and blew a kiss at David, Laying down she whispered in her s****r’s ear and Krissy looked back to the room where she stared at David’s shorts. They were jutting straight out and he had removed his hand, Krissy winked at him and grinned.

David shuffled uncomfortably and looking at his book he waited till he softened, when he was happy there was nothing to see he went into the kitchen to chat to Mandy. This did not really help as every time she moved David had a sight of her boobs or her ass. His hormones were working overtime so he spent his time looking into space and keeping his eyes off his aunt.

Mandy announced that they should all get ready to go and eat in the town. It was decided that they would go look for a Pizza place.

David waited till they had gone upstairs before he went to his room, he lay on his bed and rubbed himself till he shot his load into some tissues, he hoped this would cure his urges for tonight.

The girls rubbed after sun lotion onto their bodies, they rubbed the lotion on each other’s backs, then they paid particular attention to putting the lotion on their boobs.

Putting their bikini’s back on they slipped on a t-shirt and shorts, sandals completed their outfits, neither girl needed makeup so they went and sat back on the balcony.

David changed his shorts and top and was soon on the balcony talking to the girls.

Mandy showered and inspected herself in the mirror, her boobs were still perky her stomach had gained an inch or two but she still could turn heads.

She arranged her hair and did her makeup, she thought she looked fine. Leaving off her bra she put on a sun dress and was about to put on a pair of French knickers when she felt daring and decided to go without.

They left the apartment and went to the pizza parlor. They sat outside and ordered pizza and cokes.

David became more relaxed he chatted away and the girls changed their opinion of him.

Krissy and Kirsty went to the rest room and left David with their mother.

“He’s not that bad,” said Krissy.

“No, he’s ok,” Kirsty replied, looked at her s****r, then whispering, “Did you see his shorts this afternoon? He was hard.”

“And BIG!” laughed Krissy. “Let’s flirt with him and see if he gets hard again”

“Yes let’s!”

They went back to the table and Krissy deliberately touched his leg with hers as she sat down, she looked straight into his eyes and winked as she kept up the leg contact.

David was hard in seconds, he pulled his leg away and waited for his erection to subside.

They ate in silence and then the girls said they wanted to explore the town, David wanted to go back to the apartment, Mandy went with her daughters and David returned to the apartment. Locking the door he went into the girl’s room and finding their panties in the pile of clothes he brought them to his nose, he loved the smell, and he had often done the same at home smelling his mother’s damp briefs.

Replacing them on the top of the pile he made his way to their mothers room, the first thing he saw was the French knickers but his nose told him they had not been worn. He found a pink thong in the bathroom and this had all the delights he wanted, he inhaled deeply and he was sporting an impressive erection, he quickly brought himself off, shooting straight into the washbasin, he cleaned up and was sat on the balcony when the others returned.

Mandy had taken the time to remind the girls that they had grown up and to be aware of what they were doing and not to get themselves into situations they could not cope with. She didn’t know how far they had gone with their boyfriends and she was starting to become embarrassed. Both girls were virgins, Kirsty had given one boy a hand job and she had let him touch her through her knickers, Krissy had touched her boyfriend through his pants and had let him feel her breast, but she would not let him take off her bra.

They had watched a DVD that one of their friends had found and they had been shocked to see some of the things that they could do. One night they had watched the film and after reading an article in a magazine called better sex first time they decided to pop their cherries, they took a candle from the kitchen and sneaked it upstairs to Kirsty’s bed room. Reading the article again and watching the film Kirsty used the candle as a dildo, she pushed it inside her, she felt a resistance and gritting her teeth she pushed hard and the candle went right into her.

Krissy was fascinated she took the candle and as her s****r cleaned herself up she slid the candle inside her, the first inch went in, then the next, Kirsty watched as the three inches and then four slid straight in.

“Have you done this before?” she asked ixxx.

“No, never,” she moaned as she slid the entire length into her wet 14 year old pussy.

She remembered two years ago she had fallen on her bike and been taken to hospital, she had bled at that time, she must have lost her cherry then.

They got back to the apartment and David asked how they were and said he was tired and wanted to go to bed, the girls agreed and, as they left their mother downstairs, they walked up together, when they were out of earshot Kirsty took hold of David’s hand and held it on her bottom, she whispered in his ear that it was a shame that he was in a different room. With that they dashed into their room and shut the door. Laughing they pushed all their clothes onto the floor, Kirsty was sure her panties had not been on the top of the pile but said nothing, she would ask David later.

The girls decided to apply some more after sun and Kirsty rubbed it onto Krissy’s back, she turned round and Kirsty continued to pub the oil onto her front, when she touched her breasts Kirsty hesitated, but Krissy urged her on, “that’s feels great.” They changed places and as Krissy rubbed the cool oil onto her breasts she moaned and hoped Krissy would spend longer on her nipples, she moaned quietly and then sighed as Krissy took her hands away.

Mandy poured herself a large glass of wine and looked out over the balcony, she quickly finished the wine and got another glass, turning out the lights she returned to the balcony, she could see the other apartments and where the lights were on she could see inside. Scanning the block opposite she looked into a room opposite on the floor below, It was a bedroom and the young woman was on all fours on the bed, her partner was taking her doggie style and was really giving her a good hard fuck. They were in line with the window and you could see every thrust.

Mandy watched and her hand lifted her dress and she touched her bare pussy. Her mind wandered and she remembered the bulge in David’s shorts earlier. ‘What am I doing,’ she thought as she pulled her hand away, ‘I’m masturbating, watching another couple fuck and all I can think about is how big my f******n year old nephew’s cock is.’

Finishing the wine she went up to her room stripped off and went to the bathroom.

Turning off all the lights she went to the window, the couple below were still at it, but this time they were into 69. She rubbed her clit as she watched, then as she had a small orgasm the thought of David’s cock was in her mind.

She went to bed and decided she would have to buy something in town to satisfy her needs, she had not brought anything with her for fear of one of the girls finding it.

David had pulled a chair up to the window and watched through the curtain as the man slammed into his lover. David was pulling himself as fast as he could, he thought of the two girls, he had watched Mandy’s braless boobs all night, he thought of her ass as he shot his load.

Mandy woke first in the morning and wanted to go to buy food and other things, she showered, got dressed and looked into the girls room they were awake and she told them she was going shopping and would be about two hours, “if you are in the sun don’t forget the lotion.” With that she left.

David was still asl**p and was laying on his back, he had his normal morning erection and he had not heard his aunt leave.

“Let’s go wake David up,” Kirsty said, “but we must be quiet.”

They pulled on long t-shirts that they had brought to sl**p in and tiptoed to his room. Kirsty silently turned the door knob and opened the door a couple of inches. She could see that he was asl**p, opening the door they crept inside.

They stood looking at his erection before they turned and went back to their room. David had woken as soon as he heard the door open but he kept his eyes shut, he only opened them as they turned and left but he still saw both their naked asses and he was sure he could make out the red hair on Kirsry’s pussy.

When they were safely back in their room Krissy was the first to speak, “his thing is big isn’t it”

“No it’s not big, it’s huge,” Kirsty mumbled. “He isn’t a wimp with a cock that big, I wonder if he knows what to do with it.”

They put on their bikinis pulling on their t-shirts they went down to the balcony to sunbath.

David was already down on the balcony laid on a Lounger, he just said, “Hi,” when they came to join him. The girls sat with their backs to him and put on some sun oil, laying down they put on sun glasses and took in the rays. David had a superb view of both the girl’s breasts as they strained in their small bikinis. He knew he was getting hard, but he had decided he would not try to hide it. Krissy glanced back and seeing his erection looked forward again. She nudged her s****r and motioned with an upward finger. They both giggled and looked at each other.

Kirsty was the first to turn round sitting on her towel facing David, she was soon joined by her s****r.

“Do you always get like that,” Kirsty said, as she pointed at his shorts. Davis looked at them both and said, “only when there are sexy hot girls around, especially when they have tits like you, Kirsty.” Krissy felt snubbed, “what is wrong with mine,” she wimpered.

“From what I can see, nothing, but you could try to get an all-over tan.”

“You mean go topless,” Krissy replied.brazzers xxx

The two girls looked at each other Kirsty shrugged and reached behind her back to loosen the strap, Krissy did the same and they both let the small pieces of cloth fall to the ground.

At this sight David’s bulge grew bigger. Kirsty was the first to speak, “now you must show us yours.”

“That’s not fair!” replied David, “I’ve nothing on my top and you still have your pants on. If you want to see mine, I need to see yours first.”

The girls were carried away with their actions, Krissy nodded at her s****r and kneeling up they both pulled their bikini bottoms down,

David feasted on the sight of the red hair at the top of the girls slits.

“Now it’s your turn!” Kirsty pleaded, as he stood up and lowered his shorts. His cock sprang out and touched his stomach.

“You can touch it if you want to,” he said.

Just as Krissy leant forward they heard the front door opening. Quickly they dressed themselves and David laid on his stomach to hide his hard on.

When he was sure he was soft he went to the kitchen to help Mandy put away the groceries.

Mandy had bought what they would need for the week, she had bought more wine than she had intended to but reasoned she was on holiday.

David picked up the bag of salad vegetables and put the tomatoes in the fridge, “Oh you have bought two cucumbers, one of them is not ripe it’s very hard.”

“It’s Ok, David, it will get used by the time we leave.”

Mandy had selected the cucumber carefully it was the firmest she could find and was just the right size to give her the relief she needed.

She turned and found she was staring at David’s shorts thinking about the bulge she could see.

“I think it’s pool time, I’m all hot,” she said. “Who’s coming?”

David went to get his trunks and they went down to the pool.fake taxi xxx His speedos just covered him, but the bulge was obvious. He dived into the pool and set off swimming lengths of the pool.

When he swam on his back, Mandy could not take her eyes of his trunks, she bit her bottom lip and turning away, she lay on her stomach to tan her back. ‘I have got to get a grip of myself,’ she thought as she pictured him in her mind, in her thoughts he was riding her in the same way as their neighbours had been last night.

David got out of the pool and sat beside his aunt. He had his book in his lap and you could not see his erection. He focussed on Kirsty and Krissy and the way their boobs moved as they breathed.

When Mandy announced it was lunch time, they all walked back to the apartment, David went first and Kirsty watched the way his bum moved, Mandy was watching as well and thought she would have to have words with her s****r.

After lunch they were to have a rest so that they could stay out late tonight. Mandy said she had forgotten some things in town and would be back soon.

David went to his room and lay on the bed reading, the girls went upstairs, but were already making plans, they walked straight into his room. David watched as first Kirsty and then Krissy removed their tops and then as they pushed down their bikini bottoms, they gestured for him to remove his shorts. David needed no second command, his shorts went down and his cock came up.

Nothing was said as Kirsty reached out and felt his hot hard cock, it felt wonderful like hot velvet, she pulled his foreskin back and the purple bulbous head emerged. She slowly began to wank him, Krissy came over and changed places with her s****r.

David kissed Kirsty and cuping her breast, he tweaked her nipple till it was so hard it hurt. Krissy watched in awe, as he slid a finger into her s****r. Sliding up to her clit, he ran little circles round it then plunged back into her pussy.

“Do you want to?” he asked. Kirsty nodded her head, “Okay, but it’s my first time, so be gentle with me.”

David told them it would be better if he was on the bed and she could squat over him, so she could control how deep he went.

She lowered herself onto his rigid cock, she had to wriggle to get the head inside her lips, then she pushed down a fraction and he slid in. When she got used to the invasion she lowered herself again, another inch disappeared.

Kristy had moved to the side and he was finger fucking her as his cock was engulfed by her s****r.

As Kirsty pushed down, the last portion slipped inside her. David was now bucking his hips and slowly he was screwing his cousin, Krissy thought it was her turn and told her s****r to change places.

Krissy took the first two inches with no trouble, Kirsty had now squatted over David’s face and was getting a good licking, when Krissy pushed down for the second time, three more inches slid inside as she lowered her self again. David thrust up and f***ed his whole length into the f******n year old. Krissy screamed as he bottomed out. Her mother, who had just got back, heard the sound, she looked in the girls room but it was empty, she threw open David’s door and stood mesmerised.

“Stop that now, do you know what you’re doing? Get to your room and keep out of my sight, yes take your clothes, you little sluts, and get out of here, we will talk about this later!”

There was a plop as David slid out of Krissy, his cock was getting smaller and he tried to cover it with his hand.

“I-I’m sorry,” he started to say. “You’re all so hot, I could not control myself…” he looked straight at Mandy as he took away his hands and his manhood hardened again.

Mandy was hot and bothered, she was alone with her nephew, who was f******n, he was naked and was laying on the bed with a hard on that would make any woman swoon.

“This must be our secret,” she said. “One word about this and I’ll tell your mother.”

With what she had seen his answer did not come as a surprise. As she took him in her mouth, David confided that he had been screwing his mother for six months and that like his mother he doubted that she could get enough of his cock. Hearing this she slid her tongue round the top seeking out the hole he would shoot through.

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She rose from his bed on trembling legs and took a few shaky steps towards
the bathroom. It was late afternoon and he’d left her in a highly aroused state,
to the point where she was begging him, pleading with him to take her,

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use her, promising to do unspeakable things
for him if he’d only give her the release her body craved. It was such sweet
torture and her body ached with need, the need to please and be pleased, but he
had something else in mind and left, closing the door behind him, leaving her
alone for the

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remainder of the day.
She stood at the door leading into the bathroom and slides her palms across her
full breasts, cupping and squeezing them, while her thumbs drew circles around
her nipples. She felt them stiffen and continued to toy with her nipples,
stretching them out painfully, rolling the taut flesh between thumb and
forefinger. She let out a sigh, which ended in a soft groan and allowed her
hands to travel down to her belly. She felt her belly draw in, so sensitive to
the slightest caress,

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and moaned softly. Stepping out to the
side, spreading her legs until they were about shoulder width apart, she
smoothed her hands over softly curved hips to the crease of her thigh. She
brushed fingertips across the mound of soft curly hairs, still damp from earlier
that day, than grasped a few hairs between her fingers of her right hand and
tugged sideways. The delicate petals of her sex pulled open, swollen and
glistening, her womanly scent perfuming the air around her.
Her palm slides over her mound, the middle finger gliding between the

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neatly trimmed crease, her
palm pressing against that tiny bud of pleasure while she slides into her
opening, up to the first knuckle. She wiggled her finger, making a come hither
motion and this brought another moan to her lips and a deep aching feeling
between her legs. She pulled her hand back, dragging a slick finger up until she
felt the hood slide back, exposing the tiny pink bud that lay within the moist
folds of her sex. She fingered the tiny pink bud, teasing it with soft strokes
and a vibrating motion until she felt it throb and ache. She shuddered and felt
herself easily approaching orgasm. She jerked her hand away and cried out, ‘No!
No, I can’t! ‘ She must wait for him. He would be returning soon for her and
when he did, she must be ready.
Every nerve in her body was on fire. The slightest hint of a

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breeze across her nipples,
the lightest touch to her flesh brought on feelings of hunger that only One
could satisfy.
She ran a hot bath thinking it might calm her nerves. She added some perfumed
bath salts and swirled the water with her foot. She knew to prepare herself, he
didn’t have to tell her, it was expected of her.ciber

She gathered her hair up and loosely pinned it in place with a couple of silver
pins. Stepping into the tub, she sat down and eased back until the water reached
her neck. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift.

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As usual, her thoughts
turned to Him. She recalled his hands on her body, so powerful, possessing her,
bringing to surface those desires she held deep. He was fully aware of her need
and with the expert touch of a true master, he would caress and tease, bringing
her to the edge then easing her back, always in control. She had been helpless,
depending on him, completely at his mercy. He’d worked her body

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like a fine-tuned
instrument until she was begging for more.
She groaned, low and deep in her throat. Never had she expected to feel this way
with him. Taking the sponge in one hand, she held out her arm and squeezed warm
water down the length of her arm. She found marks on her wrist where the
bindings had cut into the soft flesh. She switched hands and did the same to the
other arm, noting some marks there as well. No doubt they would fade soon but
best to keep covered until then. She washed her breasts and winced; her breasts
ached and the nipples were still tender. She quickly rinsed, trying as much as
possible to avoid brushing against her breasts with the rough sponge.Horny
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Raising a foot out of the water, she squeezed the sponge down a shapely leg
until she reached her ankle. She noted the fading lines around her ankle and
wasn’t at all surprised. She thought it wasn’t so bad being ‘marked,’

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and smiled at the thought.
She quickly finished washing and rinsed off a few times. She felt wonderfully
refreshed and stepped out of the tub, her feet hitting the cold tile floor. Her
skin goose bumped and she shivered. Reaching out for the oversized bath towel
she quickly dried off. She smoothed perfumed body creme onto skin flushed from
the hot bath and brisk rub down. She finished off with powder and a spritz of
on couch

She returned to the bedroom with a sensual gracefulness that spoke of a woman
fully aware of her body. She reached into the closet and took out a short, dusty
pink silk chiffon robe. She pulled on the sheer robe and tied the satin sash
around her waist then moved around picking up and straightening. She found the
bindings discarded on the floor, next to a set of rings. She picked them up then
slide the cord through her fingers until she came to the end, which she caught
in her hand. Her heart rate picked up, her breath caught in her throat. She
recalled how he had quite suddenly taken her with such f***e, it was enough to
make her groan out loud and beg for more.Transsexual
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She lay down on the cool satin sheets with the bindings d****d over her body.
Her robe had pulled open to the waist, exposing the rounded edges of her full
breasts and her small, rippled belly. She turned on her side, wrapping the
bindings around once. She would rest a while; she had a feeling she would need
it tonight. He was rather demanding of her, she dared not risk his displeasure.

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Once again, my stories are 100% true. These are all past experiences that I
have and have no problem sharing with everyone. Here goes my story….

There was this girl who went to school with me and lived in the next set of
apartments behind mine that had a super crush on me. She was ugly though. Braces
and a little bit of acne. She really didnt have a body.

She would always come to my apartment and ask for me.
I finally decided to be her friend but I tried to crush her hopes of dating me.
Guess it didnt work. She still kept chasing after me so I figured I might as
well use her for a quick blowjob when I get horny. One

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day after school I asked to come over to her house and

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she told me I could because her mom was gone. I came over and
we talked and she tried to kiss me. I didnt do it and made up an excuse and said
i dont want to kiss because it will make me horny. So she grabbed my dick. I

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asked her if she wanted to give me a

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blowjob and she said
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She did it again so I joked around and bent her over the bed. I unbuckled her
pants and she wriggled around
a little but really didnt put up a fight. I pulled her pants
down just to test her but she really didnt do much but playfully push me. I saw
her ass so I automatically got a hard on. I pulled her panties down and pulled
my pants down and stuck my dick in.

She screamed in pain and was pulling on her sheets. I was only
a rookie then so after screwing her hard for like 4 mins I pulled out and cummed
on her ass. She got up and cleaned off and came back and told me to go home
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left her house that day she has never spoke to me again up til today.

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