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She rose from his bed on trembling legs and took a few shaky steps towards
the bathroom. It was late afternoon and he’d left her in a highly aroused state,
to the point where she was begging him, pleading with him to take her,

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use her, promising to do unspeakable things
for him if he’d only give her the release her body craved. It was such sweet
torture and her body ached with need, the need to please and be pleased, but he
had something else in mind and left, closing the door behind him, leaving her
alone for the

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remainder of the day.
She stood at the door leading into the bathroom and slides her palms across her
full breasts, cupping and squeezing them, while her thumbs drew circles around
her nipples. She felt them stiffen and continued to toy with her nipples,
stretching them out painfully, rolling the taut flesh between thumb and
forefinger. She let out a sigh, which ended in a soft groan and allowed her
hands to travel down to her belly. She felt her belly draw in, so sensitive to
the slightest caress,

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and moaned softly. Stepping out to the
side, spreading her legs until they were about shoulder width apart, she
smoothed her hands over softly curved hips to the crease of her thigh. She
brushed fingertips across the mound of soft curly hairs, still damp from earlier
that day, than grasped a few hairs between her fingers of her right hand and
tugged sideways. The delicate petals of her sex pulled open, swollen and
glistening, her womanly scent perfuming the air around her.
Her palm slides over her mound, the middle finger gliding between the

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neatly trimmed crease, her
palm pressing against that tiny bud of pleasure while she slides into her
opening, up to the first knuckle. She wiggled her finger, making a come hither
motion and this brought another moan to her lips and a deep aching feeling
between her legs. She pulled her hand back, dragging a slick finger up until she
felt the hood slide back, exposing the tiny pink bud that lay within the moist
folds of her sex. She fingered the tiny pink bud, teasing it with soft strokes
and a vibrating motion until she felt it throb and ache. She shuddered and felt
herself easily approaching orgasm. She jerked her hand away and cried out, ‘No!
No, I can’t! ‘ She must wait for him. He would be returning soon for her and
when he did, she must be ready.
Every nerve in her body was on fire. The slightest hint of a

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breeze across her nipples,
the lightest touch to her flesh brought on feelings of hunger that only One
could satisfy.
She ran a hot bath thinking it might calm her nerves. She added some perfumed
bath salts and swirled the water with her foot. She knew to prepare herself, he
didn’t have to tell her, it was expected of her.ciber

She gathered her hair up and loosely pinned it in place with a couple of silver
pins. Stepping into the tub, she sat down and eased back until the water reached
her neck. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift.

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As usual, her thoughts
turned to Him. She recalled his hands on her body, so powerful, possessing her,
bringing to surface those desires she held deep. He was fully aware of her need
and with the expert touch of a true master, he would caress and tease, bringing
her to the edge then easing her back, always in control. She had been helpless,
depending on him, completely at his mercy. He’d worked her body

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like a fine-tuned
instrument until she was begging for more.
She groaned, low and deep in her throat. Never had she expected to feel this way
with him. Taking the sponge in one hand, she held out her arm and squeezed warm
water down the length of her arm. She found marks on her wrist where the
bindings had cut into the soft flesh. She switched hands and did the same to the
other arm, noting some marks there as well. No doubt they would fade soon but
best to keep covered until then. She washed her breasts and winced; her breasts
ached and the nipples were still tender. She quickly rinsed, trying as much as
possible to avoid brushing against her breasts with the rough sponge.Horny
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Raising a foot out of the water, she squeezed the sponge down a shapely leg
until she reached her ankle. She noted the fading lines around her ankle and
wasn’t at all surprised. She thought it wasn’t so bad being ‘marked,’

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and smiled at the thought.
She quickly finished washing and rinsed off a few times. She felt wonderfully
refreshed and stepped out of the tub, her feet hitting the cold tile floor. Her
skin goose bumped and she shivered. Reaching out for the oversized bath towel
she quickly dried off. She smoothed perfumed body creme onto skin flushed from
the hot bath and brisk rub down. She finished off with powder and a spritz of
on couch

She returned to the bedroom with a sensual gracefulness that spoke of a woman
fully aware of her body. She reached into the closet and took out a short, dusty
pink silk chiffon robe. She pulled on the sheer robe and tied the satin sash
around her waist then moved around picking up and straightening. She found the
bindings discarded on the floor, next to a set of rings. She picked them up then
slide the cord through her fingers until she came to the end, which she caught
in her hand. Her heart rate picked up, her breath caught in her throat. She
recalled how he had quite suddenly taken her with such f***e, it was enough to
make her groan out loud and beg for more.Transsexual
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She lay down on the cool satin sheets with the bindings d****d over her body.
Her robe had pulled open to the waist, exposing the rounded edges of her full
breasts and her small, rippled belly. She turned on her side, wrapping the
bindings around once. She would rest a while; she had a feeling she would need
it tonight. He was rather demanding of her, she dared not risk his displeasure.

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Once again, my stories are 100% true. These are all past experiences that I
have and have no problem sharing with everyone. Here goes my story….

There was this girl who went to school with me and lived in the next set of
apartments behind mine that had a super crush on me. She was ugly though. Braces
and a little bit of acne. She really didnt have a body.

She would always come to my apartment and ask for me.
I finally decided to be her friend but I tried to crush her hopes of dating me.
Guess it didnt work. She still kept chasing after me so I figured I might as
well use her for a quick blowjob when I get horny. One

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day after school I asked to come over to her house and

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she told me I could because her mom was gone. I came over and
we talked and she tried to kiss me. I didnt do it and made up an excuse and said
i dont want to kiss because it will make me horny. So she grabbed my dick. I

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asked her if she wanted to give me a

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blowjob and she said
that she didnt give blowjobs. Then she told me that she was a virgin and didnt
want to have sex. So I lost interest but she kept grabbing at my dick. I joked
around and told her that if she didnt stop i would bend her over and screw her.
She did it again so I joked around and bent her over the bed. I unbuckled her
pants and she wriggled around
a little but really didnt put up a fight. I pulled her pants
down just to test her but she really didnt do much but playfully push me. I saw
her ass so I automatically got a hard on. I pulled her panties down and pulled
my pants down and stuck my dick in.

She screamed in pain and was pulling on her sheets. I was only
a rookie then so after screwing her hard for like 4 mins I pulled out and cummed
on her ass. She got up and cleaned off and came back and told me to go home
because I had just fucked her in the ass. I didnt know I did though. After I
left her house that day she has never spoke to me again up til today.

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begging for t-shirt.

Hi, I am sharing my first sex experience. I’m Sam, 5ft 6″ tall handsome and smart guy. I live in a norther city of India. We were 5 friends staying in a room. After completion of my B.SC I got a job and my friends were searching for a job. So we all stayed in a small 2bhk flat in the city. We hired a maid name Shalini.

She is 5ft good looking lady with good boobs size(34). Amateur European bartender Marie Getty ass raShe was charging 1300 for just cleaning floor and clothes. I guess she spends entire amount to her makeup. She is married and has one son even now she looks very hot. No body believes that she is a maid, my neighbor initially thought she was a school teacher.

She was doing her job neatly and there was no bad intentions. She used to come at 6am and leaves by 7. During that time most of my friends were sl**ping. I dont wake up till 8am. I hardly see her once in a week. After few months I started going to gym. So I wake up at 6am. Now I used to open the door. She used to stare my body every now and then.

Purposefully she opens the bathroom door when i’m inside and asks permission to get in and take close. This continued for few days. One day when she was bending she rubbed my cock, though it was by accident, she said sorry and left. From that day onwards I used to masturbate thinking about her.

When she was washing my pants, she was hurt by the zip and had a cut to her finger. It was bleeding. I took the hand and applied some turmeric powder. She was looking into my eyes.Chaturbate Banginbrooke Cumshot Then I gave her some money and asked her to get some medicine. From that day onwards she was cleaning my room and clothes and also my bike. But I never had bad opinion about her.

Day by day I could see a change in her behavior. Few days I used to open the door when bell rang in the morning, when I opened the door in the morning she used to walk as close as she can and some times she touches my dick by side ways. With some excuse she tries to speak to me, but I responded her normally.

She was seducing me in all sorts. When ever all are asl**p she used to bring her cover down. Many times she drops purposefully. When some one is awake she acts pretty normally. Girls are really dangerous. After few days, when ever she comes to my room for cleaning, she bends and make sure shows her cleavage.

Maannn.. that day she was wearing a deep neck blouse and completely dropped her cover and sweeping the floor. When ever that scene flashes my mind, my dick gets rock hard. That day I couldn’t work at office at all. I came back to room and masturbated as many times as 6. Now I’ll explain the moment I lost my control and started all bad thoughts.

One day Neetu was wearing a deep V necked chudi. She removed her pallu and bend before me, There was something bluge I observed, as it was dark I couldn’t see clearly. I asked her what is inside(my intention was normal), then she gave me a naughty look. German Movie – Jane Blond 007 She replied in a low voice(so that other friends who are sl**ping will not hear), dont you know what these are.

Then I realized my question and corrected it. I said sorry “I dint mean that way, There is something err bulge in and shown the hand shyfully” she gave a naughty smile and said nothing. I thought she stole something and is lying. I asked show me in a rude tone. she replied.. no I can’t show it now..immediately a vibration sound came from her blouse, that was a mobile phone, I asked whose mobile phone is that?

She said it’s mine I recently bought it. Show that mobile phone, she closed the door to show the mobile phone. Though she would have taken that mobile phone from top, she raised her cloth and then removed a mobile phone from bra. Oh man.. she was having awesome curves. I had a instant hard on. I was not wearing anything inside. I couldn’t cover my tent.

She shown me the mobile phone. and asked to feed my number. When I was entering my number, she came very close to me as she was watching the mobile, Her boobs were touching my left hand near elbow. I’m damn sure that she is pressing hard herself against me. I fed my number and other roommate number.

She immediately asked me to remove my roomie’s number. She said I want only yours (by looking at my bulge). Then I returned back her mobile. Ofcourse I took her mobile number too. When she was leaving the room, I was following her to go outside. She was stopping in between to make sure I touch her back. Some times naughtily she used to ask, where is your under wear.

I couldn’t find. I want to wash with my hands. I replied, “no thanks, I’ll wash it”. she replied “dont worry, I’ll wash it properly(looking my dick)”. That day onwards, Shalini was moving very boldly. When ever she gets a chance she touches me. Some times she rubs her butts against mine and immediately says sorry with a naughty smile.

I was trying to avoid these kinda situations as I had a good name and wanted to get married soon. One day because of visa interview in middle of long weekend,His beautiful MILF needs to be fucked I couldn’t go to my native. And during same holidays one of my roomate’s s****r marriage was happening on tuesday. All friends have left early for their home towns from there they will attend marriage and I was supposed to join them on marriage day.

I was cursing for such a long weekend almost 6 days only I should be alone. Shalini didn’t turn up in the morning. After coming back from gym, I was feeling horny and was going through porn sites. And I read many stories in HD. I went to a movie in the afternoon. At 2pm when I was entering to a movie theater, Shalini called me. That was actually strange, that was the first time she called me.

She dint knew that there is no body in the room, she asked me “come and open the key, I want to wash clothes”. I replied “dont worry come tomorrow, I can’t come now”. She didnt cut the phone call, she was prolonging the call by blabbering some thing. She finally said “if you want me call before 5″, I said “What!!” then she replied “he he for washing clothes”.

Next day, even gym was closed because of long weekend. Hence I dint even wake up. At sharp 6 bell rang. I went and opened the door, As I was feeling sl**p, I dint give her way to walk-inside. But she was dare enough, came straight and hit, her boobs touched my chest at once I became active and gave her way. Still she walked by touching my dick side ways.

After entering room, she realized no body inside. I could see happiness in her face. Asked me ” where are all?” I told her “all have gone to their native”. She said woww.. Then she kept talking in a loud voice and was flirting me. She asked me “what is your size? err.. I mean err..waist size”. I avoided those silly. She was very slow and then she removed her saree.

I asked why? she said this is my new saree and hence dont want to spoil while cleaning. She was wearing a low neck blouse and pants. Her navel was awesome. her bum, boobs, navel and curves all are awesome. She raised her pants up by tying near her waist show her thighs. fat indian girl suck dick I couldn’t control, but went to bathroom and banged the door. I masturbated and jerked off.

When I came outside, she was at bathroom door. I asked what? she naughtily smiled, winked and ran towards kitchen. I dint make any move. She generally leaves by 7. By that day, she was there till 7:30. After that scene, she was still showing off her skin. I thought of taking some chance. She was cleaning floor with her bum towards my dick. I dint move, I made sure that my dick touches her butt crack.

She was enjoying the scene. She removed two buttons of her blouse and bending to show her cleave. Immediately my dick is rock hard. Suddenly bell ranged!! We looked each other, She ran into other room, I covered my bulge with a towel on my boxers and pretended as if I woke just now. I went and opened the door. It was my owner’s daughter. She was holding a puppy, by bending down.

She also has awesome boobs, may be 36D. She stayed there for some time and my eyes were stuck at her cleavage. Mean while Shalini came outside, as I was standing at the door, she moved by touching me(made sure, her boobs touched my shoulders). Shalini caught me staring at owner’s daughter’s boobs. She was jealous and asked that lady to get up. I wished her “Hi, wazz up.”

She said, “my maid dint turn up for few days. Can I take Shalini for some time”. I replied “yeah”. Shalini gave a an angry stare. She was reluctant to go and was saying “I still have work left here, i’m in middle of rubbing some clothes(she meant my dick)”. But I f***ed her to go. I cursed my luck, went to bathroom and jerked off. After some time, I started browsing internet.

I went through few more maid stories of HD. Then got the naughty thought. Why not make use of the holiday and make the dream day. After 10 I called Shalini. She declined the call. I tried 3 times. But she dint pick up. I thought she was angry. I again cursed my luck. Went back to HD, jerked off and slept. At 1pm, I went to hotel and had lunch. I brought some sweets and snacks.

At 2pm, my darling “Shalini” called me. I said sorry, she said “why are you saying sorry pa, I’m your servant..dont say sorry.. just order”. Then I was relaxed. I asked why she dint pickup the call, she said “my husband was at home so I couldn’t pick up the call”. Then I asked here, “Is he still there?” “If he is still here, why would call you?” was the reply.

She was talking very naughtily. I asked “bring your son, I want to play with him”, she replied ‘You are not a k** to play with him, play something else.. do some thing else”, I was waiting her to open her mouth I gave a long pause and asked “Then you tell me what should I Play with?” She was teasing me.. Latest Japanese schoolgirl sex video “dont you know.. dont you know??”

But I dint reply, After that she told angrily “tell me why did you call me in the morning”, then I too replied angrily “morning you left some unfinished work here, come play with me.. er.. finish the work”. She suddenly cut the phone. After 10 mins bell rang.. I opend the door expecting Shalini darling.. But it’s owner’s daughter.. she said thank you and gave me sweets.

I dint have mood to talk to her. I said “thanks.. I’ve some work, can we talk later”.. I closed the door and opened porn dvd started playing.. again bell rang, this time I got furious and opened the door shouting “what!!” it was Shalini darling “You said you come and finish the work” I smiled and welcomed her. This time it was my turn to flirt her. I dint move from the door to give her way.

But she dint enter, I asked her to come inside and gave a little way and immediately came back to same position.. this action made sure she rubbed her body to mine. I touched her boobs by shoulders..I started to walk where ever she goes and was moving every where. I observed she was wearing a red saree with orange blouse without any bra. This time she din’t expose.

But still I was searching some way. She went to bathroom to wash clothes. I immediately removed my underwear, and gave it to her to wash. She smiled and was crushing the inner wear. She pulled her saree till thighs.. giving a good view her beautiful thighs. Those were awesome.

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Creamy white and smooth thighs. I was standing there and talking all nonsense.

She was hardly responding, but constantly staring at my bulge. She asked me why I’m staring here like that. I replied, i’m getting bored, I want to play..” She gave a naughty smile. Now one naughty idea came to my mind. I told her I want to come into bathroom. She moved bucket which was in midway between door and her.

Though there was enough space to move, I moved very closely to her touch her butts with my legs. I moved the switch from tap to shower and came back by touching her butts again. After a while, she wanted some water, and turned on the tap. Since it was shower, water fell on her head and she was wet. She was shouting, I went inside and closed the tap. She was completely drenched.

I was laughing and holding her shoulders.. She looked into my face and said “see what have you done my saree is all wet now, what should I wear”. I told her to remove saree, I’ll give a tshirt. she said no. But I insisted and pulled her saree. She co-operated and removed her saree, now she was on blouse and pant, wow.. what a sight of milky boobs, as she was not wearing any bra,indian porn movies I could see her nipples.

She covered them and asked me to give a t-shirt. I said, give me yours I’ll give mine. She started unbuttoning here blouse hooks. She turned around and removed her blouse. She gave me facing towards wall. I could see her curves, she covered her nippe with other hand and was begging for t-shirt.

It fell down at once(She was also enjoying, but pretending), she started shouting “what are you doing?? You promised me to give me a t-shirt” I said sorry and gave my banyan, she said it’s ok for top but for bottom?, then I said “i promised only t-shirt”.. she said ok and wore inner-ware. while she was wearing, I saw her huge butts. I couldn’t believe she is a mother of a 4year old k**”.. she was awesome..

I was saying “Wow Shalini.. sexy”.. she said.. shhh.. dont shout.. it’s good to hear you saying “Shalini”.. I said your husband is lucky bastard.. you are such a hot chick. She said thank you and came. Her inner-ware was very short could hardly cover her pussy. She said, dont look at my thighs.. Since she was wet, and hence the inner-ware became a see through..

She was looking like a heroine.. man.. awesome babe.. She bent down facing her but towards me to pickup saree(to dry it up), while doing so,her inner-ware lifted and saw a very beautiful view of her pussy. Awesome.. cleanly shaved. I asked when did she shave her pussy? She said after your call by blushing..

She asked me to hold the saree to dry it up. We were folding it to 4 folds. I came very close to her and pulled her towards my chest. She asked me what “are you doing?” I replied “Playing ;) darling”.. She pushed me.. said go and take bath and pulled my towel. As I already removed my underwear, my dick was saluting her. She smiled and said, You have very big pennis.. double to my husbands..

I went in to bathroom and invited her inside. She came inside and was brushing my body. I was drooling her boobs with sholder. I turned the tap on and shower was on. Water fell on her and she again said, I’m wet again.. inner-ware also wet.. She was looking very hot with drenched transparent inner-ware. Awesome view,Nayanthara
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nbsp;, I pulled her towards me and kissed her lips..

Wowww whatta feeling.. first kiss to the darling Shalini.. I told the first kiss was awesome, she again kissed me.. we kissed almost for 5 mins. I removed her inner-ware. Now we both are standing naked. We hugged each other. I was pressing her boobs while kissing lips. One hand is pressing her butts.. she has awesome assets.. Her pussy was already wet.

She said.. “why did you realize so late.. I was dying for your dick the day you shown me your bulge.. That day I dream of scuking your huge cock. It’s bigger than I expected,, Can I taste it?.. Yes babes it’s all yours..I kissed all over.. She moved down and started to suck my dick.. it’s an awesome blowjob.. Now I realize why people in Blue films show such expressions while having a blowjob”..

That was awesome.. whattan experience it was.. what a sight.. she is very beautiful.. I doubt even my colleagues maintain such figure.. She is worth acting in movies.. I removed her hairs to back and was helping her to suck my cock. It was going deep inside. I told her.. let’s move to bedroom.. I want to fuck you. She asked for a condom. I said didn’t prepare for this..

She asked am I a virgin.. I said yes darling.. yours is the first pussy my dick is entering into. It’ll drill your pussy now and make your dream come true. We were kissing and hugging.. While she was rubbing my dick with hand I was pressing her boobs, buttocks..We entered to bedroom, and I lifted her up and thrown on bed. I jumped and kissed all over her body.

She requested she wants to suck more, I fingered her pussy while she was rubbing my cock. Now it was 69 action.. it went for 5 mins.. time was passing just like that.. She said I want your dick badly.. insert and bang it hard.. Having so many movies seen, it wasn’t difficulty for me to insert the cock. I inserted and pushed it hard.. she shouted aaaoooocchhhh.. it touched the peak.. commmmoooonnnnn.. please fuck hard..

.I gave strokes while kissing and licking her nipples. She was awesome on the bed. Everyguy would love to fuck.. fuck me fuck me harder.. I kept pushing harder and harder.. she shouted.. babay i’m cumming… I removed my dick all of a sudden.. she asked why? I said I want more.. No pain no gain.. Let me insert after 20 mins of banging she came again..

I still wanted.. she said, fuck my mouth.. then she again gave my a blowjob.. I was about to come, I removed my penis and said.. i’m cumming.. she immediately took my cock inside and took the entire cum and swallowed it. She said it was very tasty. Then we hugged each other and stayed for a while on the bed. I told her, it was excellent.. she told this is the first time she enjoyed sex ever.

It’s awesome.. she said, ask me when ever your dick needs a pussy..Step Mom fucked hardcore mine is open to you always.. After one hour we started one more was 5pm, she was sl**ping.. I went to kitchen drank water and ate sweets, I brought some water and sweets to the darling. She was awake and wore inner-ware and was wearing blouse. I said what’s hurry.. she said her husband will return anytime.

She just kept one hook on and others open. When she was tying up saree, I got mood and my dick was hard again.. she saw that and said again!!?? Latina babe sells her body in pawn shop!I said yes and pulled her towards me, I pulled her blouse and was sucking her nipples.. She was enjoying this.. I removed her inner-ware again and banged. We slept after that.. time was 7, she woke up hurrily and asked me to close my eyes,

If you see me again, your dick will be hard and I wont leave, my husband will come.. I closed my eyes, she wore her saree and then kissed on my lips saying dear open your eyes.. She started to leave. I closed the door.. After a min bell rang I opened the door.. She shut the door kissed me and hugged me.. she kissed my nude dick and said good by and left for the day..

Those 6 days were awesome.. everyday 4 hours of fucking session.. after that my friends came.. normal routine started. but every time we cross, a kiss and a hug. I waited for few days I could’t control for waiting for a moment to fuck her. I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Then she called me to come her home when her husband is gone. Every now and then we used to meet and have a nice fuck..

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nbsp;,Now she is pregnant and waiting for a baby. Who knows…whose baby it was? May be mine……….

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The author asserts the moral right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work. All Rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrievable system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of the author, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over

The following story is taken from my ebook SIR FILMED BOY ORGY and other college stories, available on Amazon

Sir put a video on. Then just before it started his mobile phone rang. He excused himself while he went out of the classroom to answer it. He told the boys to just watch the video, said he’ll be back in a second or two.

It was supposed to be a video about modern art and boring shit and stuff but the boys were proper shocked. Porn Mobile Sir had only gone and put a homemade porno on by mistake. It was a porno of himself having sex with a lad. Callum Green had seen the lad before. He was sure he went to this college. Maybe the lad was a year above. Sir and the lad were naked and the lad was sucking Sir’s cock. Callum and all the other boys in class couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It was well hot. Then the camera went in for a close-up and the boys could see the lad’s lips going up and down on Sir’s big cock. The boys started fidgeting. Some of them felt proper uncomfortable.

“That’s fucking gross!”

“I always knew Sir was a faggot!”

A couple of the boys got up.

“I’m getting out of here before he comes back and fudge packs the lot of us.”

“He shouldn’t be teaching. He’s sick!”

A few more boys left the classroom in disgust. But there were still a dozen or so boys left. They were just sitting there looking at the screen, disbelieving their eyes. They couldn’t take their eyes off the screen.

Then Sir came back into the classroom and when he realised he’d brought the wrong video in he was absolutely mortified. He quickly turned the video off. He was well embarrassed. He apologised and sat down. He didn’t know what to do. He just sat there and he told the boys to get their books out and he really did look well embarrassed.

The boys just sat in silence. Kyle Saunders started giggling. Sir was so embarrassed he couldn’t even look up. He just told Kyle to stop giggling. But Kyle couldn’t stop. He carried on giggling some more and was joined by another boy.

Sir stood up.

“Stop that at once! Do you hear?”

One of the boys said, “Yes, sweetie!”

More laughter.

Sir was fuming. He was bright red. He slammed his fist down on to the desk.


Then Kyle started giggling again. Sir stared at him.

“If it’s that funny then maybe you can stand up and tell the whole class about it.”

Frankie Woodall who was sitting next to him put his hand up.

“Sir, he can’t stand up, Sir, coz he’s got a hard-on, Sir!”

The whole class laughed.

Sir was furious.

“Silence! The lot of you!”

The laughter continued.

“Shut the fuck up!”

The laughter stopped.

Sir glared at Kyle.

“Are you going to stand up or do I have to drag you out of your seat myself?”

Frankie Woodall said, “Sir, he really does have an erection, Sir.”

“Be quite, Frankie.”

“It’s true, Sir.”

“Is that gum?”

“Sorry, Sir?”

“Is that gum? Are you chewing gum? You know the rules. Come on. Spit it out.”

Somebody at the back couldn’t resist it.

“Are you talking to Frankie or Kyle?”

The whole class erupted into laughter.

Sir was losing it.

Kyle raised his hands in the air, told everybody to be quiet.

“Come on, lads, Give Sir a break.”

Then Kyle stood up.

The whole class were stunned into silence. Not only did Kyle have an erection, he also had it out of his jeans. He just stood there looking at Sir, Blonde teen first porn video with anal his big cock sticking out of his jeans, fully erect, a great big throbbing boner on full display for the whole class to see.

Sir just stood there starting at Kyle’s stiff cock.

Then somebody shouted out, “Are you gonna suck that one now, Sir?”

More laughter.

Kyle just stood there proper showing off his boned up dick. Sir just stood there looking at it. The laughter gradually died down until there was total silence in the classroom.

All the boys in class, they were all looking at Kyle’s hard cock. Some of them looked away as if it was wrong to look at it in case the other boys thought they were gay. Sir sat down in his chair.

“All right, lad. Put that thing away and sit down please.”

Kyle was in a playful mood.

“Do you want to film it, Sir? Can I be in one of your homemade pornos, Sir?”

“All right. Come on. A joke’s a joke. Sit down. Everybody get on with your work.”

Kyle just stood here, his hands by his side. His dick was proper twitching and jerking. He was feeling well horny. It was Frankie Woodall who noticed.

“Fuck me! It’s proper pre-cumming!”

Kyle looked down at his cockhead which was now proper shiny and purple, all his foreskin having rolled right back.

“Oooh! Yeah. I need a wank real bad.”

Sir didn’t say anything. He just sat there at his desk, marking a pile of books.
Then Liam Norton stood up. And he got his cock out of his jeans, got it stiff.

“Sir! Sir! Look!”

Sir didn’t look up.

“Sir! I’ve got mine out now, Sir! Look at it, Sir! It’s well fucking hard, Sir!”

Then Ronnie Waters stood up, got his big erection out.

“I’ve got mine out as well, Sir! Do you like it, Sir? It’s a nice cock, isn’t it, Sir?”

Then one by one all the lads, they all stood up and got their stiff cocks out for Sir.

Sir gave in. He just sat there at his desk. What could he do? All the lads, they just stood there with their stiff cocks sticking out of their jeans. It was amazing. They all felt dead fucking sexy.

After a while Sir said, “Ok, lads. You’ve all had your fun. Sit down now please.”

The lads had no intentions of sitting down. They were having far too much fun with their hot boners now to sit down. They all just stood there with their dicks sticking out of their jeans then they all started wanking. They were all wanking themselves off in class. Sir was losing it big time.

“Sit down now! The lot of you!”

The boys just stood there showing off their hot cocks, their boners throbbing in the classroom.

Sir took a deep breath. He gave a big sigh. He shook his head. He realised he was fighting a losing battle.

“Ok then. Go for it. Wank your dicks if that’s what you want to do. Have a good wank, the lot of you and I’ll film it on my mobile phone and then we can all watch it later.”

At first the boys were shocked. Had they just heard Sir correctly?

Callum Green put his free hand up in the air to attract Sir’s attention, his other hand stroking his cock.

“Did you say you’ll film it on your mobile phone, Sir?”

Sir got his mobile phone out of his pocket.

Eyes lit up on the boys’ faces and the classroom was full of big gleaming smiles.

“Yes! Go for it, Sir!”

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,“Film our stiff cocks, Sir!”

All the boys were well up for it. They were all up for wanking their dicks while Sir got it all on his mobile. They were all being well dirty in class. They all wanked their big cocks and Sir got it all on his phone. The boys jacked their hot boners for Sir.

“Oh yeah. Look at my big cock, Sir,” said Callum Green. “You like my big cock, don’t you, Sir?”

Liam Norton was having the best wank of his life.

“Oh Sir! I’m wanking off in class, Sir! Look! Wanking my cock thinking of you, Sir!”

And Kyle Saunders had never had such a hard cock.

“Oh look at that, Sir! I’m a fucking wanker!”

The boys were all being well dirty thrashing away on their dicks and Sir was getting it all on his phone. Then one by one the boys started taking their clothes off, daring each other to get naked. It only took one boy to get bare arsed bollock naked. Once one boy had done it they all followed him, every boy in class getting completely naked. They were all stark naked with their cocks on bone and Sir was getting it all on his mobile.

There could have been one or two gay boys in the class maybe, no more than that. Most of them were straight. Most of them had girlfriends, but it’s fun getting naked with other lads. You don’t have to be gay to take your clothes off with other boys and play with your dicks. All the lads, they soon found out that being naked with other boys was well fucking horny. There wasn’t a boy in class who didn’t have a great big steaming hard-on.

They were all showing off their cocks. There were cut cocks and uncut cocks, cocks with over-size cockheads that bulged out over the thickness of the shaft, swollen purple shiny cockheads like overgrown plums, cocks with lots of foreskin, pink heads and purple heads pushing through thick folds of skin. There were big cocks, average cocks and relatively small cocks but nobody was comparing sizes. Everybody was just too turned on to worry about the size of their dick. Some of the boys had lots of pubes and others were completely smooth. They all had great arses.

Being naked and boned up with other lads is liberating and horny as fuck, as all the lads soon discovered.

Without giving it a second thought they all started tossing themselves off, a mass naked boy wank in the classroom. And then it got well gay. All the boys, they all came to the front of the class and they all started wanking each other’s dicks.

Callum Green had never felt sexier.

“This is what you want, innit, Sir?”

Sir was loving it. As he filmed the wanking boys he breathed in the wonderful smell of naked teenage boys and cocks and balls and sweat. Lola begging to be fucked in pantyhose Mobile

All the boys were playing with each other’s cocks and Sir filmed it all on his mobile phone. Sir’s cock was now rock solid, tenting his trousers big time. Some of the boys noticed and gave Sir a nice little squeeze through his trousers, wrapping the material round Sir’s massive hot cock.

The boys were all hot and sweaty. There were plenty of red faces and even redder dicks. Inhibitions went through the window and classmates started wanking each other off. Most of the boys found out for the very first time what it was like to have another boy’s hand on their dick.

It all came so natural. Boys know how to wank cock. Every boy knows how to make a cock feel good. All the boys played with their classmates’ cocks in the same way that they played with their own every night as they lay in bed filling their dreamy heads with dirty thoughts.

They all found out that being wanked off by another boy was a million times better than wanking yourself off. They also found out that being wanked off by another boy was better than being wanked off by a girl. No girl really knows how to play with a boy’s dick. Girls don’t know what makes a cock feel good, unlike boys.

It only took one boy to do it. Once one pair of lips went down on a cock, the whole class joined in. The whole class turned into a mass of naked boy cock suckers and Sir got it all on his mobile phone.

The boys were well horned up. It just got hotter and hotter after that. They were just being well dirty for Sir. Before you knew it, the boys were all sucking each other’s cocks. Tongues were licking dicks and hands were stroking balls and arses. Some of the boys were already cumming, splashing their dickjuice over their classmates.

The windows were steamed up. There was sweat running down the walls, a heavy scent of naked boys and sex.

Boys sucked their classmates dicks just how they liked having their own dicks sucked. And just like they did with the wanking, the boys found out that boys suck dick better than girls. They all found out that boys are not afraid to take cock down their throat. All the boys took it in turns sucking each other’s dicks, sucking dick just how they would like their girlfriends to suck.
And it wasn’t long before arseholes replaced mouths. There was nothing these boys wouldn’t do. Their cocks had never been so horned up and they wanted to try everything. They had never experienced sensations like it. Even if they wouldn’t admit it to each other every single boy in the class felt better than they had ever felt when having sex with their girlfriends or any girl. This was raw hot dirty boy sex.

All the boys got to feel and taste hot cock. It was all good sexy hot fun, boys laughing and having fun with their dicks. Some of the boys were having a playful wrestle, some were being proper hard and macho, others were completely letting themselves go, groaning and moaning like they were having the most intimate moment ever with their girlfriends. Some of the boys were even tongue-kissing. And Sir got it all ob his mobile phone.

The classroom was full of boys all hot for each other, a hot squelching mass of writhing boys, twisting and sliding, hands all over each other’s bodies, dicks rubbing and slapping together. Bum-cheeks were spread, tight pink little arseholes were exposed.

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,Boys spit on their dicks and spit on their classmate’s arseholes. Cocks went up arses, boys on all fours sticking their bare bums right out, telling their classmates to fuck them really hard coz they were proper lads and hard as nails and they could take it.

Cocks fucked fists, slid down throats and slammed tight arses and Sir got all the hot bare wank and suck and fuck action on his mobile phone.

Boys were now squirming naked on the floor and on top of the desks and on top of Sir’s desk.

Boys opened their mouths and hot dicks were shoved down throats. Lads were on their knees nobbing their classmates up the bum. Lads were having their face fucked, cocks going in and out of mouths. Dicks were being wanked over bums. The boys were all groaning and breathing real heavy, slapping their dicks all over each other, a hot sweaty mass of fit naked boys.

Big cocks squeezed into tight little holes and Sir got in real close with his phone. Sir filmed all the action. And then some of the boys started taking Sir’s clothes off. They stripped Sir naked. The boys, they all wanted to touch and stroke and squeeze and rub Sir’s cock. Their hands were all over him – over his cock and his balls and his arse.

Kyle Saunders took the phone off Sir and he got it all on the phone – the boned-up boys taking it in turn putting their juicy hot dicks in Sir’s mouth. Sir sucked all the boys off in class and he wanked their cocks and licked their bums and one by one Sir fucked all the boys, gave their tight arses a good nobbing with his big cock.

Sir went from boy to boy, shagged all the boys in class, shagged boys on top of his desk, on the floor,
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up against the windows. He stretched their tight little holes with his big fucking dick.

All the boys’ dicks, they were all spunking up in class, hot dicks squirting jizz all over the classroom, all over Sir’s desk, over the floor, over the blackboard, over the boys and over Sir.

There was boy cum splashed everywhere. The boys had just made their own little hardcore video and it was all on Sir’s mobile phone. Sir was going to have lots of wanks looking at what his horny boys just did.

gewünscht. Ich hatte

vor vielen Jahren von mir geschrieben. Habe damals in diesem Büro gearbeitet
und hatte so eine Cheffin (…also vom Äußerlichen her). Der Rest ist reine

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Gefesselt im Büro

Es ist ein normaler Tag und ich gehe wie gewöhnlich zur Arbeit. Ich bin allein
im Büro, also lasse ich mir Zeit und lasse es langsam angehen. Mein Boß wird
frühestens so gegen 10 Uhr hier sein, weshalb ich den langweiligen Schreibkram
zuerst erledigen will. Ich achte während dieser Arbeit nicht besonders auf meine
Kleidung, doch sollte sie oder ein Kunde eintreten, muß ich schon ziemlich gut
achtgeben, daß ich mich nicht zu heftig bewege oder gar bücke! Selbst das
Übereinanderschlagen der Beine dürfte schwierig werden, denn mein vorne
geknöpftes Kleid würde sich einen Spalt öffnen und eventuell die Strumpfränder
freigeben! Ich hätte das von allein nie angezogen, doch mein Mann hatte es sich
gewünscht. Ich hatte ihm gestern einen Gefallen versprochen und er hatte sich
diese Kleidung ausgesucht. Manchmal spielen wir solche Spiele, ich bin es also
gewohnt in derartiger Kleidung herum zu laufen. Er hatte sich

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ebenfalls einen bestimmten BH ausgesucht. Zum Glück ist mein Kleid nicht
durchsichtig, denn der BH ist es!

Die erste Stunde vergeht ohne nennenswerte Vorkommnisse. Ich bin

noch immer allein an
meinem Schreibtisch und arbeite an einem Brief als es plötzlich an der Tür
klopft. Schnell schaue ich an mir herunter um sicher zu gehen, daß alles in
Ordnung ist, dann bitte ich den Gast herein. Eine sehr gut aussehende Frau tritt
ein. Sie trägt sehr feine Kleidung, teure Schuhe und ihr Kostüm verrät, daß sie
eine tolle Figur hat! Obwohl es Sommer ist, ist es ungewöhnlich, daß sie ihre
Sonnenbrille hier im Raum nicht ablegt, doch ich störe mich nicht daran. Sie
schaut sich kurz in unserem kleinen Büro um und setzt sich auf den Stuhl mir
gegenüber. Sie fragt nach meinem Boß.

Es tut mir Leid! antworte ich, Sie wird wohl erst in etwa einer Stunde hier
sein, aber ich weiß über alles Bescheid und …
Du weißt gar nichts! unterbricht sie mich barsch! Im selben Moment öffnet sich
die Tür erneut und ein mir fremder Mann tritt ein. Ohne ein Wort zu sagen kommt
er hinter meinen Schreibtisch und greift meine Arme! In windeseile sind meine
Arme hinter die Stuhllehne gezogen und ich spüre, wie sich Handschellen um meine
Handgelenke legen! Ich

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will schreien, doch seine große Hand legt sich über meinen Mund! Mit
seiner Kraft hat er es leicht, mich auf dem Stuhl fest zu halten. Die Frau kommt
herum und greift in ihre Handtasche. Ein großer blauer Knebel aus Stoff kommt
zum Vorschein. Ich habe keine Chance und ein paar Sekunden später bin ich
geknebelt und weiß nicht warum!

Während dieses kurzen Kampfes hat sich mein Kleid ein wenig geöffnet und ich
kann meine Strumpfverstärkungen sehen! Ich winde mich ein wenig, vielleicht kann
ich diese Blöße ein wenig verbergen! Aber diese Bewegung wird von den beiden
sofort erkannt und mißverstanden.
Sie will offensichtlich nicht stillsitzen! sagt sie zu dem Mann.
Okay! kam seine kurze Antwort und schon sah ich ein paar Seile in seiner Hand.
Er kniet sich vor mich, fängt meine Füße ein und bindet sie an die Stuhlbeine.
Es ist die erste Gelegenheit für mich ihn etwas länger anzusehen. Auch er trägt
eine Sonnenbrille und ich bemerke, daß er eine Perücke und einen falschen
Oberlippenbart trägt!
Sei nicht dumm! sagt die Frau zu mir,

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Wenn Du Dich nicht wehrst, hast Du auch nichts zu befürchten! Warte einfach ab;
wir sind nicht deinetwegen hier!

Das war’s! Sie nehmen mich gefangen, fesseln und knebeln mich, um mir dann zu
sagen, daß ich mit der ganzen Sache eigentlich gar nichts zu tun hätte! Was
denken die sich, wer sie sind?! Ich bin total verwirrt! Meine Gedanken rasen mir
durch den Kopf, aber ich kann mich an nichts erinnern, was mir irgendeinen
Hinweis geben könnte wer sie sind und was sie wollen! Ich schaue an mir herunter
und sofort presse ich meine Oberschenkel so gut es geht zusammen! Mein Kleid
hatte sich ein wenig geöffnet als er mir die Beine gefesselt hatte und jetzt
versuche ich, die Strumpfränder so gut es geht zu verbergen! Aber das ist ein
Fehler! Das Kleid rutscht mir seitlich von den Oberschenkeln und entblößt
dadurch noch mehr von der Mitte! Ich kann jetzt sogar meine Strumpfhalter sehen
und wie die Strumpfränder in das weiche Fleisch meiner Oberschenkel einschneiden!

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Sie ist hübsch, nicht wahr?! Sagt sie zu ihm und ich sehe, daß auch sie den
Spalt in meinem Kleid entdeckt hat!
Oh ja! sagt er. Seine Augen fixieren mich wie die einer Katze, die eine Maus
in der Falle sieht! Warum nutzen wir nicht die Zeit und gönnen uns ein wenig
Gute Idee! antwortet sie und kommt erneut um meinen Tisch herum.
Sie hat schöne Beine! sagt er und unwillkürlich presse ich meine Oberschenkel
noch fester zusammen!
Du hast doch bestimmt nichts dagegen, wenn wir sie uns ein wenig genauer
ansehen, oder?! lacht sie und hebt meinen Rock so weit hoch, daß ein gutes
Stück nackter Oberschenkel sichtbar wird!

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MMMHHHPPPHHFFTT! protestiere ich und schüttel meinen Kopf!
WOW! ist der einzige Kommentar von beiden und dann schauen mich beide einfach
nur an!
Ich fühle mich so entblößt, so beschämend nackt! Ihre Augen gleiten über mich
und ich fühle ihre Blicke förmlich, wie sie meine empfindliche Haut streifen!
Nie zuvor hatte ich mir so sehr gewünscht, daß mein Boß endlich erscheinen würde
und gleichzeitig wünschte ich mir, daß sie fortblieb! Wenn sie jetzt käme, würde
sich das Interesse der beiden Eindringlinge auf sie konzentrieren, aber zugleich
würde sie mich auch so sehen! Und ich kann mich im Moment nicht entscheiden, was
schlimmer wäre! Ich muß tatenlos erdulden, daß sie mir das Kleid Knopf für Knopf
öffnen und mich ihren Blicken preisgeben! Ich trage lediglich Strümpfe, Strapse,
einen Slip und BH unter dem Kleid und alles ist entweder sehr klein oder
ziemlich durchsichtig! Wäre ich nackt, würde man nicht mehr sehen können!

Hättest Du gedacht, daß ihre Titten so groß sind? fragt er und ich würde am
liebsten im Boden versinken!
Oh nein! antwortet sie. Sie greift nach meinen Kugeln und drückt sie durch
meinen BH. Sie sind sehr weich und warm! fügt sie emotionslos hinzu, so als
würde sie ein Stück Fleisch inspizieren! Ich murmel meinen Protest in den Knebel
und winde mich so gut es geht!
Sieh zu, daß sie still sitzt! befiehlt sie ihm und er hat schon wieder neue
Seile in der Hand. Ein paar Sekunden später ist mein Oberkörper an der
Rückenlehne des Stuhles festgebunden und meine Knie zusammen geschnürt! Die
Seile kreuzen sich zwischen meinen Brüsten, umrahmen sie regelrecht! Die Seile
oberhalb meiner Knie sind sehr stramm! Ich kann mich jetzt kaum noch bewegen!

Ich gebe auf und erwarte das Schlimmste! Ich bin so beschämt, so hilflos, so
nackt! Ich schließe die Augen, als wenn ich mich dadurch verstecken könnte! –
Plötzlich höre ich, wie die Tür zum Büro geöffnet wird. Ich öffne die Augen und
sehe meine Chefin eintreten. Sofort wird sie von dem Mann ergriffen und zu ihrem
Schreibtisch gezerrt!


Sie schreit auf, doch der Mann hat schon seine Hand auf ihrem Mund.
Es dauert nur Augenblicke, dann ist sie in gleicher Weise gefesselt wie ich!

Schnell, den Knebel! ruft er ihr zu.
Oh, Mist! schimpft sie, Ich habe vergessen einen zweiten Knebel mitzunehmen!
Okay! sagt er daraufhin, Dann gib mir Deinen Slip!
Sie hebt ihren Rock und zieht sich ihren Slip aus.
Das ist viel zu wenig! – Gib mir ihren auch noch! meint der Mann und deutet
auf mich!
Die Frau kommt auf mich zu und mit einem kräftigen Ruck ist mein Slip von den
Hüften gerissen! Ich hatte mich erst vor ein paar Tagen rasiert und jetzt
bedecken lediglich leichte Flaumhaare meine Scham! Sie rollt beide Slips
zusammen und gemeinsam zwingen sie dieses Stoffbündelchen in den Mund meiner
Chefin! Mit einem Seil wird es fixiert! Ich beobachte, wie sie innerhalb weniger
Minuten nackt ausgezogen wird. Sie zwingen sie vor ihren Schreibtisch, wo ihr
die Beine weit gespreizt an die Tischbeine gebunden werden. Ihre Hände werden
auf der anderen Seite der Tischplatte hinter ihrem Rücken befestigt, so daß sie
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mitleiderregend, als ihr ein übergroßer Dildo in die schwarz behaarte Muschi
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Sollen wir den hier für ihren Arsch nehmen?!

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fragt der Mann und hält einen weißen Dildo in die Höhe, der dick
genug für jede Muschi wäre! Die Frau nickt nur und nun versuchen beide, dieses
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es nicht!
Dann fesseln wir ihr eben statt dessen die Titten! sagt sie und sie binden das
nackte Fleisch. Runde um Runde wird das Seil um die Basis jeder Brust gewunden.
Als sie ihren teuflischen Job erledigt haben, sehen die Brüste aus wie zwei
große, rote G****fruits, die an den Oberkörper geheftet wurden! Ich habe Mitleid
mit meiner Chefin! Sie muß wirklich etwas schlimmes verbrochen haben, um derart
behandelt zu werden!
Nun noch die Nipple-Clips! sagt die Frau und er holt sie aus der Tasche. Die
Clips werden an den Nippeln meiner Chefin befestigt! Sie stöhnt und stöhnt,
besonders als das schwere Holzsc***d an den Clips befestigt wird, welches ihre
G****fruits beidseitig nach unten zieht! Das Sc***d hängt über ihrem Bauch und
schwingt mit jeder Bewegung die sie macht! Da ist etwas auf dem Sc***d
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ich sich in dieser mißlichen Lage befinden! Ich bin eine Ehebrecherin! steht
da in großen roten Buchstaben!

Was sollen wir mit diesem ganzen Zeug hier machen? fragt der Mann und deutet
auf das Gewirr an Dingen, die er auf dem Boden verteilt hatte. Die Frau denkt
einen Moment nach, dann schaut sie zu mir herüber und mein Herz bleibt fast
Geben wir ihr eine Warnung, was ihr geschieht, wenn sie das gleiche versucht!
Mit einem schmutzigen Grinsen auf dem Gesicht kommt er auf mich zu! Er ergreift
meine Brüste von hinten, als teste er ihre Beschaffenheit! Zuerst sanft, dann
aber wird sein Griff immer fester! Er zieht mir das Körbchen von der linken
Brust und läßt sie über den Rand herunter hängen! Ich schäme mich maßlos! Ich
hasse es, wenn meine Brust so aus dem BH heraus hängt! Er befingert meinen
Nippel! Er wird langsam hart! Er zieht am Nippel, bis meine Brust unnatürlich
nach oben zeigt und läßt dann plötzlich los! Sie schwingt obszön zurück und
schaukelt nach!

Nun kniet er wieder vor mir. Er löst die Fesseln um meine Knie. Mit aller Kraft
zwingt er meine Oberschenkel auseinander! Meine leicht behaarte Muschi muß jetzt
völlig frei vor ihm sein, denn ich fühle seinen Atem auf meinen Lippen! Er
bindet mir die Füße hinten an den Stuhlbeinen fest, so daß ich die Oberschenkel
nicht mehr schließen kann! Ich fühle mich so maßlos nackt, ausgeliefert und
mißhandelt! Meine Hilflosigkeit multipliziert dieses Gefühl auch noch und ich
kann nichts


dagegen tun!

Der weiße Vibrator kommt mir nun doppelt so groß vor wie vorhin, als sie
versucht hatten, ihn meiner Chefin hinein zu schieben! Ich bin mir sicher, daß
ich in Stücke zerrissen werde von dem Monstrum, wenn es in mich gezwungen werden
sollte! Aber es kümmert ihn anscheinend wenig! Der kalte weiße Kopf teilt meine
äußeren Schamlippen! Er findet seinen Weg zu meiner privatesten Öffnung und ich
fühle, wie er meine Grotte Stückchen für Stückchen weitet, bei jedem Zentimeter
ein bißchen mehr! Es dringt in mich ein, füllt mich total aus, so wie mich noch
nie zuvor etwas ausgefüllt hat! Ich schnappe nach Luft bei jedem weiteren
Zentimeter! Es ist unmöglich! Ich glaube es einfach nicht! Das muß ein Alptraum
sein, eine fürchterliche Phantasie!

Plötzlich stoppt die Bewegung. Ich traue mich fast nicht die Augen zu öffnen und
nach unten zu schauen! Es ist in mir, mehr als die Hälfte von ihm ist in mir und
ich lebe noch! Aber der nächste Schock läßt nicht lange auf sich warten! Er
schaltet den Vibrator ein! Alle meine Muskeln spannen sich auf einmal! Es ist,
als ob tausende Ameisen durch meinen Körper krabbeln! Ich

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kann das unmöglich länger als eine Minute ertragen denke ich, doch
ich werde es müssen!

Sie wird ihn hinaus drücken! sagt die Frau. Sie läßt kurz von meiner Chefin ab
und kommt nun auch zu mir.
Laß sie mal spüren, wir sich das hier anfühlt! fügt sie hinzu und überreicht
ihm zwei furchterregend aussehende Karabinerhaken! Die Haken sind mit einem Seil
verbunden. Als sie den ersten Haken an meine linke Brustwarze klemmen schreie
ich in den Knebel!

Hey! Sie ist viel zu laut! Der Knebel ist bei weitem nicht

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effektiv genug!
Ich werde ihr erst das hier in den Mund stopfen und dann den Knebel oben drauf!
sagt er und hält das Höschen meiner Chefin in die Luft, daß sie vorhin achtlos
auf den Boden geworfen hatten!
Das ist eine gute Idee! lacht sie und gemeinsam schaffen sie es, mir diesen
geschmackvollen Knebel in den Mund zu stopfen!
Mal sehen, wie effektiv der Knebel jetzt ist! sagt er, zieht nun auch meine
rechte Brust aus dem Körbchen des BH’s und läßt den zweiten Haken an meinem
rechten Nippel zuschnappen! Ich schreie so laut ich kann, halb vor Schmerz, aber
mehr noch vor Schreck und Frustration!
Ja, das ist jetzt viel besser! sagt sie, …und jetzt wickel das Seil um den
Dildo bis es richtig stramm ist! Aber beeile Dich, wir müssen langsam raus hier!

Ich traue meinen Ohren nicht! Sie wollen uns hier so zurück lassen? Gefesselt
und geknebelt, hilflos und nackt?! Ich versuche zu protestieren, doch sie
scheint das wenig zu interessieren! Ich bin mir sicher, daß das Ding in mir mich
umbringen wird, sollte es noch eine Minute länger brummen! Sie müssen es
abschalten! Sie müssen einfach, oder wollen sie zu Mördern werden? – Aber statt
dessen bekomme ich jetzt auch noch die Augen verbunden! Einer von ihnen, ich
glaube es ist die Frau, checkt noch einmal meine Fesseln, dann höre ich, wie die
Tür geöffnet wird und sich kurz darauf automatisch wieder schließt! Panik
übermannt mich! Ich zappel und strampel wie verrückt! Die Seile schneiden sich
immer tiefer ein, die Handschellen schmerzen, der Knebel saugt sich voll
Speichel und das Vibrieren in mir bleibt unverändert stark! Ich gebe auf!

Alles was jetzt noch zu hören ist, ist das Brummen der Vibratoren und unser
Stöhnen! Ich denke an meine Chefin, die wesentlich mehr zu ertragen hat als ich,
aber das hilft mir auch nicht weiter! – Und plötzlich gewinnt ein anderes Gefühl
in mir die Oberhand, ein Gefühl, daß tief aus dem Inneren meines Körpers kommt!
Ich fange an zu zittern, Welle über Welle durchströmt meinen Körper! Mein Atem
wird schwerer und schwerer, ich habe bald Probleme genug Luft zu bekommen! Mein
Körper scheint sich einen Dreck darum zu kümmern, in welch einer Situation ich
mich befinde! Der Vibrator leistet ganze Arbeit! Ich versuche es zu stoppen,
aber daran zu denken, daß ich hier in meinem Büro sitze, zusammen mit meiner
Chefin und kurz vor einem Orgasmus stehe, erhöht lediglich meine innerliche
Erregung statt sie

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Es kommt wie es kommen muß! Ein paar Augenblicke später regiert nur noch mein
Körper, der Verstand wird ausgeschaltet! Ich fühle die Hitze in mir aufsteigen!
Ich fange an zu schwitzen, ich atme tiefer und tiefer und dadurch füllen sich
meine Lungen immer mehr! Das bewirkt, daß die Karabinerhaken an meinen Nippeln
noch fester an ihnen ziehen! Und je fester sie ziehen, um so strammer wird das
Seil, daß von ihnen zum Vibrator führt gespannt und um so besser überträgt sich
die Vibration! Meine Nippel flattern im selben Rhythmus wie meine Schamlippen!
Ich verliere fast den Verstand als der Orgasmus durch meinen Körper jagt!

Ich schreie in den durchnäßten Slip in meinem Mund, ich schüttel mich, Schauer
jagen durch meinen Körper, ich sehe die Sterne durch die Augenbinde und höre
mein Blut in den Ohren wie einen rauschenden Wasserfall! Ich weiß nicht wie
lange es andauert, langsam, ganz langsam ebbt es ab und meine Sinne werden
wieder normal!

Es trifft mich wie ein elektrischer Schlag als ich plötzlich Finger auf meiner
Haut fühle! Ich muß die Eingangstür überhört haben während meines Orgasmus! Wer
ist es? Was wird diese Person mit mir machen? Ich bekomme Angst, obwohl die
Berührungen sanft und zärtlich sind! Meine Brüste werden zuerst berührt!
Glücklicherweise (oder auch nicht!) werden die Karabinerhaken zuerst entfernt!
Es brennt wie Feuer für ein paar Sekunden, als das Blut wieder frei durch die
gepreßten Adern fließen kann, doch schnell fühle ich die Entspannung! Ohne ihn
auszuschalten wird der Dildo heraus gezogen! Meine Muschi ist extrem sensibel
geworden und ich stöhne in den Knebel, als der vibrierende Kopf des Dildo über
meine Klitoris rutscht! – Aber dann bin ich nur noch gefesselt, fast nackt,
geknebelt und mit verbundenen

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Augen, aber zum Glück ohne marternde, stimulierende Instrumente an
und in mir!

Ich werde von starken Händen an den Brüsten, am Bauch, den Oberschenkeln und
Beinen massiert. Ich fühle mich um einiges besser jetzt, denn diese Berührungen
verraten mir, daß ich nichts zu befürchten habe! Es wird an meinen Brüsten
gesaugt, meine sensiblen Nippel richten sich sofort wieder steil auf. Die Zunge
ist rauh aber sanft. Langsam umkreist sie abwechselnd meine Aureolen. Die Hand,
die meine Brüste sanft drückt und zur Zunge führt spielt mit dem weichen Fleisch.
Wenn ich nicht gefesselt wäre, würde ich mir diese Behandlung gerne als Vorspiel

Ich merke, wie mir die Fesseln gelöst werden. Durch sanften Druck der Hände
werde ich aufgefordert mich hinzustellen! Meine Hände bleiben gefesselt, so daß
ich keine Chance der Gegenwehr habe oder mir den Knebel oder die Augenbinde
abnehmen könnte! Ich muß tun, was man von mir verlangt! Und ich befolge die
stummen Befehle. Ich weiß nicht warum, aber ich lege mich freiwillig auf meinen
Schreibtisch, nachdem mir das Kleid ganz ausgezogen wurde. Ich lege mich auf den
Rücken und wehre mich nicht, als ich erneut gefesselt werde. Meine Hände werden
an meine Seite gebunden, meine Knie in die Höhe und von Seilen gespreizt
gehalten, ebenso meine Füße. Ich bin offener und nackter als zuvor, doch
irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl, daß mir nichts passieren kann! Ich werde mit
weiteren Seilen, die quer über meinen Körper verlaufen auf meinem Schreibtisch
fixiert. Ich kann mich überhaupt nicht mehr bewegen!

Mein Kopf hängt frei auf der einen Seite der Tischplatte herunter. Mir wird der
Knebel aus dem Mund genommen, doch sofort verschließt eine Hand ihn wieder.
PSSST! werde ich aufgefordert ruhig zu bleiben und ich zeige meine
Einwilligung durch eindeutiges Nicken. In dem Moment als die Hand von meinem
Mund verschwindet, fühle ich Haut auf beiden Seiten meines Gesichts. Sie ist
warm und weich. Das, was meinen Kopf einklemmt, ist stark genug, ihn zu fixieren.
Ich rieche etwas, ein Geruch, den ich so noch nie gerochen habe, eine Muschi!
Nun weiß ich, daß mein Kopf zwischen den Oberschenkeln einer Frau eingeklemmt
ist und daß sich die Scham dieser Frau sehr dicht über meinem Gesicht befinden
muß! Mein Kopf wird ein kleines Bißchen angehoben und schon fühle ich, wie etwas
warmes, weiches, feuchtes auf meinen Mund gepreßt wird, die nackte Scham einer
anderen Frau! Seile werden um meinen Nacken gelegt und schon bin ich mit meinem
Kopf an dieser fremden Scham fixiert, die sanft mein ganzes Gesicht bedeckt!

Noch habe ich meinen Mund geschlossen, doch als plötzlich etwas meine Klitoris
reibt, muß ich erschrocken einatmen! In dem Moment, als ich dazu den Mund öffne,
wird mein Kopf noch ein wenig mehr nach oben gedrückt und eine haarige, nasse
Muschi bedeckt meinen Mund! Ich möchte der Frau nicht weh tun, also lasse ich
den Mund geöffnet. Sogleich fühle ich, wie ihr Saft auf meine Zunge tropft! Ich
schlucke ihn und die Berührung an meiner Klitoris wird intensiver! Ich muß immer
tiefer einatmen, der Reiz zwingt mich dazu und so lecke ich die fremde Spalte
über mir im gleichen Rhythmus, wie mir meine Muschi geleckt wird!

Meine Ohren werden von den Oberschenkeln verschlossen, so daß ich nur Gemurmel
hören kann und kein Wort verstehe. Aber ich habe auch gar keine Zeit hin zu
hören. Fremde Hände fangen an, an meinen Brüsten zu spielen. Sie werden hin und
her geschüttelt, fremde Lippen saugen an meinen Nippeln, während gleichzeitig
eine fremde Zunge durch meine Spalte fährt und fremde Finger rhythmisch in meine
Scham eindringen und wieder heraus gleiten! Es dauert nur kurze Zeit und ich

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zum zweiten Mal! Ich
weiß nicht, ob es mein Speichel oder ihr Saft ist, der meinen Mund ständig
anfüllt, ich trinke es einfach! Meine Atemluft pumpt die Scham über mir immer
wieder auf und wenn sie entweicht, transportiert sie Unmengen süßsauren Saftes
in meinen Mund! – Ich komme! -

Es dauert eine Zeit, bis ich bemerke, daß ich nicht mehr gefesselt bin! Ich
liege noch immer auf dem Rücken auf meinem Schreibtisch, nackt wie zuvor, aber
keine Seile halten mich mehr! Ich greife um die Oberschenkel, die noch immer
meinen Kopf einschließen, um mir die Augenbinde abzustreifen. Meine Augen müssen
sich erst wieder an das Licht gewöhnen, doch dann sehe ich den Hintern einer
Frau über mir! Ich kann zwischen den Schenkeln heraus rutschen und als ich mich
umdrehe sehe ich …meine Chefin! Sie ist noch immer gefesselt, steht auf der
anderen Seite meines Schreibtisches, ihre Beine an den Beinen des Schreibtisches
fixiert, ihre Hände auf dem Rücken gebunden. Ihre Brüste sind nackt, doch ich
kann deutlich die roten Striemen sehen, die von den Seilen stammen, die ihre
Brüste fesselten. Sie ist noch immer geknebelt und auch ihre Augen sind noch
verbunden! Man hat ihr die Nipple-Clips nicht abgenommen und noch immer hängt
das Sc***d daran, daß sie so sehr nach unten zieht! Aber wir sind allein!

Erst jetzt erkenne ich, daß auf dem Sc***d etwas anderes steht als vorhin! Es
war meine Idee, Laura! Ich hoffe, es hat Dir gefallen! Ich gehöre Dir und werde
erdulden, was immer Du jetzt mit mir machen willst!
Sei Dir sicher, ich werde meine Revanche genießen!!!

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My attraction to his genitals could border on an Oedipus complex, cute sex in which I am in some sense, in love with the baby I created, in love with my own creation,
and his large penis was created in my desirous stage, I willed it, during my pregnancy, and delighted in it, when the nurses present delivered him with much emphasis on his cock size,
they too were immediately attracted to him, and gave him more love that other babies of normal genitalia.

I suckled him on my swollen teat, and held him between my fingers, and as he developed more, allowed others to bath him, so they too could marvel at his size.

My daughter, his elder by eight years, from my first marriage, was charged with his well-being, and looking after him.
I would watch as they bathed together, through the hinged aperture in the door, I wanted to see as she soaped him how how he would react,
and the joy I felt when he did one time, so I left the c***dren to enjoy their frolicking.

She entered her mid teens and still insisted to bathe with him, I watched their love develop, and for a short time let them share a room together,
until my daughter debauched herself, again as I watched, it was time to separate them, and I had my excuse.

In the morning I confronted her and gave her an alternative, call the police, fat black anal or send her to bide with her father-in-law, himself a sex offender,
that was five years ago, and I hear they are still living together.

But now my son is mine, primed by his s****r and her needs, starved by her absence, I feel the time is ripe as I walk out of my room, to let him see me in my full bloom,
and rekindle his youthful lusting and curiosities of the womanly form, the loving embrace of a mother, to connect, and remain connected, as we were by our umbilical chord, now replaced in the shape of his penis,
I call his name, as I walk out into the carpeted corridor, completely nude, and make for the top of the stairs, where I stand in expectation, my legs open,
I call again, this time there is a response, and i hear him approach the bottom of the stairs, and look up between my legs.

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But it was a dark haired girl with a dyed red lock of hair who caught his attention. Her black clothing and strong makeup made her stand out from the rest of the crowd. Obviously a one of the “Goths” Daniel thought dismissively sweet slave . She was standing off to one side, not shunned, yet somehow isolated from the party.

Suddenly she looked over at him and her challenging stare made him look away. Where was Beth anyway? She had gone looking for friends ages ago and not returned. He made a mental note to make her beg for ignoring him like this. Maybe it was time to remind her that there were plenty of other girls who would love to please him. He shifted his stance slightly as his cock began to stir at the thought of Beth whimpering and begging. Once he got her started she turned into a complete slut. Just the way he liked it.

He looked back at the party, wondering which of girls he should turn his attention on. A little bit of jealousy would only make Beth more eager. His eyes were drawn back to the Goth girl. She was not his usual type. He didn’t go in for any of that freaky shit, but there was something about this one. The loose fitting clothing made it hard to tell, but he had the feeling she had a killer body underneath. It might be fun to find out. Hell the way she dressed, she was probably a kinky little slut. Daniel’s cock hardened as he imagined the sort of shit he could do with her. There was bound to be at least one free room upstairs.

Working his way over to the girl, he put on his winning smile. As he drew close she glanced at him and then away again. Daniel fought down the sting of irritation at her dismissal. You had to charm them first. Once they were hooked, then you could train them.

“I don’t think we’ve met before.” He said, putting as much warmth into his voice as he could. “I’m Daniel.” He reached out his hand.

The dark haired girl turned back towards him. Her piercing blue eyes studied him for a moment. A slight smile flickered on her lips; the dark purple lipstick made it a strangely ominous expression.

“Isabella.” She said, her eyes already returning to the party ixxx .